How To Celebrate 420

How To Celebrate 420

It’s 420, the biggest holiday of the year! It is safe to assume that everyone is stoned on April 20. It may not be accurate, but believing that can help you be less paranoid when you’re interacting with the world today. What’s the appropriate way to celebrate the highest of holidays? By smoking weed. If you smoke daily, it might not seem that special, but trust us, it is. There’s no one definitive way to spend 420, but there are plenty of unofficial traditions to look forward to. Here are a few ways to take full advantage of this holiday.

Wake and Bake

Not everyone is a fan of wake and bake but there is no better day to do it than 4/20. Start the weed day with weed! If you don’t have your morning weed with you, you can order it from Kushfly and have it delivered to your door in 60 minutes. Enjoy your morning flower while reading something about the day like why is 420 associated with weed?


420 is a special day, even if you get high every day. It’s a time to think about your personal relationship with the plant, how it’s evolved over time and what it means to your life.

Hit Up Those Dispensary Sales

420 is worth waiting when it’s the Black Friday of weed. Every dispensary around the world competing with their deals. Kushfly has always been a winner when it comes to 4/20 deals and this year is no different. If you still don’t know today’s deal make sure to check out our deals page and prepare yourself for the biggest deal of the year!

Get Outdoors This 420
Smoking outdoors can be a therapeutic experience. Interacting with nature and grounding your soul is a great way to celebrate this 420.

Get Outdoors

April in Los Angeles means clear skies and plenty of sunshine. Drive down to Venice Beach and spend some time sitting on the sand, looking out over the beautiful Pacific. Or bring some snacks head to a hiking trail to explore what lies beyond your backyard. You’d be surprised how therapeutic spending just a few hours outside can be.



Indulge In Munchie Food

You’re not allowed to eat wholesome today. Do not even attempt. This is the day for eating all the junk food you crave but never consume. Carls Jr., McDonalds, Oreos dipped in peanut butter (trust us on that one). All day smoking sessions means all day munchie cravings, and today you have full allowance to eat whatever you want.

Take Action

Not everybody is able to celebrate now, so be an activist for those who can not. Just because a bunch of people are earning money and being open about being bud dealers, doesn’t imply that the war on drugs is over for everyone. Take some time to find out more about the history of legalized cannabis.

Spark Up With Buddies At 4:20

Hang out with the folks in your life with whom you enjoy getting stoned. As you pass round the 4:20 joint, take into consideration the friendships and experiences being a part of this culture have brought to your life. Let those people know just how much they mean to you.

Watch Classic Stoner Movies
Pineapple Express is a cult classic.


Watch The Stoner Classics

Broad City. Weeds. Pineapple Express. The Big Lebowski. Harold and Kumar. Half-Baked. Dazed and Confused. Cheech and Chong. Spend some time with your favorite stoners from pop culture.


Show Compassion To The Haters

Be respectful not everyone smokes pot or enjoys the smell. Most people would be bothered if somebody blew a vape cloud or puffed a cigarette in their face, so don’t do it to people with marijuana, especially if they despise it. Be respectful about where you smoke, keep away from kids and families.

Whatever you decide to do to celebrate this 420, we hope you have a great holiday! If you are in LA and looking to purchase marijuana flower, CBDedibles, or concentrates for delivery, register with Kushfly here.

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