How To Become A Cannabis Photographer

If you’ve got an eye for photography and love weed, then why not put your two passions together and try your hand at cannabis photography? With the cannabis industry booming like never before, studies estimate that cannabis jobs will grow by 110% in the upcoming years. This means there’s tons of room for new people to join in on the exciting business of working with weed! If you’re interested in cannabis photography, then check out these tips for starting your new career!

Take Photos Of Any And All Weed Related Products And Activities

You don’t need a professional studio to take great pictures. Grab a few of your friends, a joint, and get creative! Make any surrounding your backdrop. Use your friends as models. Take pictures of anything that has to do with cannabis!

Start An Instagram

Instagram is a great way to connect with cannabis businesses and let people see your photography skills. In the beginning, you don’t even need to buy an expensive camera, but rather upload photos you’ve taken with your smartphone. Instagram is like a digital photo album, so what better way to showcase your photos? After you’ve taken a few good photos, start reaching out to cannabis companies near you. Send them DM’s and ask them if they’re hiring cannabis photographers, and tell them to check out your page!


Make A Website

Any professional needs a website. You can make a website on multiple platforms such as Wix or Shopify. On your website, make sure to include your contact information so companies can easily reach out to you. You’re able to reach a broad audience online, so make sure to make yourself as visible as possible!

Reach Out To Cannabis Companies

Google cannabis companies and dispensaries in your area, and send them an email! Don’t be afraid of rejection, it comes with life. Most of the time, photographers have to take initiative and find their own jobs. When you work as a photographer, most of your jobs will be freelance, so being able to make your own connections is imperative.

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How To Become A Cannabis Photographer

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