How To Beat The Munchies

How To Beat The Munchies

While most of the effects of cannabis are enjoyable, there is one thing that many people wish they could simply turn off. The munchies. Cannabis has been shown to muddle the signals in the brain, so you think you are hungry instead of full. While some people look to cannabis specifically for its hunger inducing properties, many of us don’t enjoy waking up and realizing we ate two large pizzas.

If you’re tired of overeating when high, and you just can’t seem to kick the munchies, then try these ideas!

Stick to a regimented eating schedule daily

It’s important to stick to eating your meals at the same time every day. This reduces snacking in general, and makes it easier to withstand the munchies.

Keep healthy food and snacks in the house

Instead of stocking your fridge with frozen foods or ice cream, keep healthy, pre-made food on hand. If you don’t have any chips or chocolate in the cabinets, then chances are you’re not going to venture out to buy it when you’re high.

Keep yourself busy

If smoking weed tends to make you feel lazy, then make sure you have some sort of activity to do while you’re high. Anything from painting to doing laundry can keep your mind occupied for some time and can take away your hunger thoughts.

Exercise before smoking

If you know yourself all too well, and you know you’re going to give into the munchies, then at least prepare yourself by doing some cardio beforehand. This way, you won’t feel guilty after eating knowing that you’ve burned some calories earlier.

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