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How Long Will I Stay High?

How Long Will I Stay High?

How long will I stay high?

You’re done with work for the day, you come home and light a nice joint. After a few hits you’re stoned and feeling great, then all of the sudden there’s a knock at the door. Just your luck, your family decided to stop over for dinner! Although they pretend to be cool, being baked while mom and dad are around isn’t an ideal situation. This might be a good time to wonder, ‘how long will I stay high?’ How long a high from weed lasts can depend on a few factors.

How Long Will I Stay High?

Did you smoke or eat an edible?

If you smoked, your high will last anywhere from 1-3 hours, with the peak being about 15-30 mins after you’ve smoked. This is because when weed is smoked, the THC goes directly into your lungs and is quickly delivered to your brain.

If you’ve eaten edibles, the high will last longer and will also take longer to hit. The edible high lasts about 4-6 hours, with the strongest part being in the first 2-3 hours. Edibles have to be eaten and the THC is slowly absorbed into the stomach. Then THC passes to the liver where it is converted into 11-OH-THC. This is then delivered to the brain, where it more easily crosses the blood-brain barrier, making you higher than when you smoke THC.

How Long Will I Stay High?

Other factors that also contribute to how long your high will last

These factors include how high your tolerance is if you’ve eaten anything, and how strong the cannabis is. If you’re new to smoking and have a lower tolerance, your high will last much longer and it will be much more intense. If you’ve smoked on an empty stomach, the same is true. You’ll get much higher than if you’ve just eaten a big meal.

If you’ve never smoked cannabis, then we recommend starting with only one or two hits and waiting about 15 minutes to see how you feel before smoking more. Generally, one or two hits will be enough to leave you feeling quite high. It’s important to also check how much THC the cannabis flower or cannabis oil contains. Strains that have a high THC concentration such as Purple Punch will get you higher and make you stay high for a longer time than a strain with a lower THC concentration.

How long your high will last all comes down to our body’s unique endocannabinoid system, which consists of receptors, lipids, and enzymes that help the body maintain balance. When you smoke weed, the THC and CBD found in the cannabis plant interact with our endocannabinoid system by attaching to cannabinoid receptors before finally being broken down by enzymes. Since everybody’s endocannabinoid system is unique, some people will be able to break down the THC and CBD much quicker, while others will take more time, thus resulting in a much longer-lasting high.

How Long Will I Stay High?

How to bring down your high

Maybe you’ve gotten too high or maybe you just don’t want to be high anymore. If you need to bring down your high, there are a few things you can do. First, it’s important to remember that it’s impossible to overdose on marijuana. Although being too high can feel quite uncomfortable, no one has ever died from smoking too much weed. Lie down in a quiet room, put a cold towel over your eyes, and drink some water. Staying hydrated is very important while you’re high. It’s a good idea to also try and eat something, so your body has something to absorb along with the THC in your bloodstream. Consuming CBD has been shown to counteract THC, so vaping or ingesting CBD oil is also a safe bet to bring down your high.


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