How Long Do Cannabis Edibles Stay Fresh?

How Long Do Cannabis Edibles Stay Fresh?

A lot of folks are big fans of edibles to begin with, and lately with the pandemic, many people are forgoing smoking due to health reasons, and switching to cannabis edibles. If you’ve been stocking up on canned goods, pasta, and paper goods, chances are you’ve also stocked up on edibles. One good question we frequently hear is, how long do cannabis edibles stay fresh?

How long is that edible really good for?

Do edibles have a shelf life similar to food?

A cannabis infused chocolate bar has the same shelf life as a regular one. Much like foods found in every grocery store, edibles with preservatives will last longer than those that are preservative-free. The same goes for homemade edibles. If you’re making cannabrownies, expect them to stay good for the same amount of time that traditional brownies would be good for. The cannabis inside an edible doesn’t impact the shelf life of the food itself.

CBD usually won’t loose potency over time. THC on the other hand, slowly degrades.

Do edibles loose potency over time?

Potency of THC tends to degrade very slowly with time. What can contribute to degradation is oxygen. In a material that is solid in form, like a gummy or lozenge, the availability of oxygen in the interior is much less than that of a bottle of a beverage. CBD is a very stable cannabinoid. In contrast, THC does degrade slowly over time.

When all else fails, read the label

It’s important to always read the labels on your edible to check the expiration date and any other important information. This is where you’ll be able to find out how long your cannabis edible will stay fresh and look at the ingredients, nutritional value, and see if there are any allergy warnings.

Based on all this info, you will see that edibles have a relatively long shelf life. As long as you store them properly and follow the expiration date info, you should be fine before your next order from Kushfly or trip to the local dispensary in your area.

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