How Has Marijuana Evolved Over Time?

Marijuana has been used by humans for thousands of years. While some of us still smoke marijuana just like our ancestors did, cannabis has evolved in many ways. From new ways to consume weed to more potent flower, here are the various ways in which marijuana has evolved over time.

Cannabis Edibles

It has been proven that as far back as 2000 BC drank cannabis infused tea. In Nepal and India, this method of consuming cannabis was preferred. But today, cannabis edibles come in all shapes and forms. We highly doubt that ancient civilizations were eating THC gummy bears!

Higher THC Content

If you ask your mom and dad (and they’re honest) marijuana potency has increased by some huge percentages since the 1970’s. This is due to the huge competition that growers are now facing. With cannabis shops and new brands constantly popping up, businesses need to step up their game if they want their customers to come back. Now you can even find strains with over 30% THC!

New Ways To Consume

There’s a big chance that your marijuana won’t actually look like marijuana. Between vapes, crumbles, and wax, there are tons of ways to get high without actually smoking cannabis flower. In the old days, the only ways to smoke were either through a bong, a bowl, or by rolling a joint. Hey, we’re not complaining! We love all the new and innovative ways there are to smoke out favorite herb!

Religious Ceremonies

In old times, marijuana played a key role in religious ceremonies. Many ancient cultures in China, Europe, and the Americas used cannabis as a way to connect with the spirits or Gods. Today, most religious ceremonies aren’t as cannabis friendly. Although there is a ‘First Church Of Cannabis’ for those who truly love weed!

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How Has Marijuana Evolved Over Time?

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