How Cannabis Can Help Save The Earth


Today is a day dedicated to honoring our beautiful planet and mother earth. Sometimes, we take advantage of our planet and cause it more harm than good. This Earth Day, the planet is actually in better shape now that it has in many years. With global travel and local travel suspended in most places, the planet has been able to heal itself from some of the damage we have caused it. Los Angeles, a city known for pollution and smog, currently has the cleanest air of any major city in America. Cannabis and our earth go hand in hand. The wonderful plant comes from nature, and many people feel connected to mother nature when they smoke it. Weed is popular for many reasons, but saving the planet isn’t usually one of them. But, did you know hemp is extremely beneficial to soil and air? Read below to find out how!

Hemp Growth Decreases Pesticides Pollution

You may be surprised to learn that hemp is normally impervious to pests. In contrast to cotton or flax (which are known to expend half of the pesticides sprayed on them), hemp cultivation requires less use of pesticides or herbicides.

Hemp Can Re-establish Soil Fertility

Hemp is reputed to grow in different territories and soil types – people call it “weed” because it grows like one! Its deep roots hold the dirt together, counteracting soil erosion. Hemp additionally expands the microbial element of dirt. Apart from that, the stem and leaves of the hemp plant are full of nutrients & supplements. As the growing plant sheds its leaves, these nutrients return to the earth, restoring it for better yields in the coming year.

Hemp Plant Absorbs Lethal Metals

Hemp has been proven to reduce the level of poisonous material in soil. It is so successful at retaining harmful metals that it has even been considered for expelling radiation from Fukushima. Even more amazingly, hemp plants which have been grown in contaminated soil can still be used for certain industrial applications!


Hemp Reduces Carbon Emission Impacts

Hemp has the ability to not only change the planet but also save it. Hemp is significant given it is one of the rare crops that’s equipped for cutting down carbon emission through fast carbon dioxide take-up. Hemp does this through the procedure of carbon sequestration. When grown on a large scale, the hemp plant absorbs carbon emission from the environment. Basically, hemp sequesters or ‘traps’ carbon from the air into plants. Each ton of hemp output captures around 1.63 tons of carbon from the air.

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