Highest THC Weeds In Los Angeles ( Updated at 12/9/22)

kushfly thc weed delivery in los angeles

It’s difficult to say which marijuana strain has the most THC because they can differ between sources, and new ones appear on a regular basis. Than there’s the matter of THC and CBD, two of marijuana’s most well-known chemicals. THC is the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana that causes the high. When people claim a strain of marijuana is extremely potent, they’re most usually referring to a high-THC variety.

You can find alot of high-THC strains on the Kushfly menu. At Kushfly, we strive to make your high-THC weed delivery in Los Angeles as simple, quick, and discreet as possible. Orders can be delivered in as little as 30 minutes in some zip codes! In comparison to any other name on the market. Our cannabis delivery service is straightforward and convenient. Also, our daily deals will ensure that you receive the most value for your money.

Here are some of the highest THC strains in our collection that you should try.

Raspberry Runtz

los_exotics_Raspberry Runtz_1_1

The raspberry and cream aroma is incredibly tantalizing, and the flavor does not disappoint. This strain may leave newer consumers feeling pretty lazy, but many find this weed to be a creative flower, making it great for music, art, and talking with friends.THC:32.3%

Tropicana Cookies

los_exotics_Tropicana Cookies

If your looking for a strain that will totally make you energized and proactive, Tropicana Cookies is what you need! This sativa strain features a sweet citrus aroma and it burns smooth. THC:31.6%



This hybrid features strong citrus flavors, with lemon and lime notes shining through. Sprite is also a popular choice for those seeking a boost in creativity, making it ideal for artists or anyone who enjoys brainstorming sessions. THC:30.8%

Obama Runtz

los_exotics_Obama Runtz_1_1

Obama Runtz is a strain that delivers focus and clarity while keeping your spirits uplifted. This flower will leave you feeling like you can rule the world or at least the country. THC: 30.7%

Double Stuffed

los_exotics_Double Stuffed_2

Double Stuffed is an Indica strain. It has a super sweet, creamy flavor with high-powered effects, perfect for when you need a little potency behind your weed to get ya kicking back and relaxing after long stressful days! THC: 30.7%

God’s Green Crack

los_exotics_God’s Green Crack_2

This strain instantly lifts your mood while relaxing the muscles at the same time. God’s Green Crack is a truly amazing strain that should be tried at least once in your life. THC: 30.7%

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