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Here Are 3 Fun Ways To Use Your Weed Stems


To an average smoker, weed stems might seem like the least exciting part of the cannabis bud. They get a bad rep, and most people don’t know what to do with them other than toss ’em in the garbage. But if you’re wondering what to do with these little stems, or if you should smoke them, you’re not alone! We’re naming three interesting ways to use your weed stems!



What are weed stems?

You know the thick pieces in the cannabis bud that resemble a stick? That’s a weed stem. It’s normal for large buds to be held together by one thick stem. If you buy lower quality cannabis or shake, they tend to contain more stems than if you buy a top shelf flower. Weed stems contain little to no THC, hence the reason people don’t smoke them.

Can you smoke weed stems?

Since weed stems are severely lacking in THC, it isn’t recommended to smoke them. You won’t get high, but you’ll still experience all the negative effects that come with smoking such as coughing and a sore throat. Some people also claim that smoking weed stems can lead to headaches. For these reasons, don’t smoke them!

What should you do with your weed stems?

Just because you can’t smoke them, doesn’t mean these little guys have to go to waste. There are some alternate uses that they come in handy for.

Make cannabutter

When you make cannabutter, you can add in the leftover weed stems along with your cannabis flower! Mix it all together when you begin the process of decarboxylation. Even though the stems won’t necessarily make you cannabutter any stronger, they’ll add in a nice rich flavor to make sure your butter has a delicious flavor.

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Make cannabis tea

Another great way to get the most out of your weed stems is by making cannabis tea with them. Stems and buds are a perfect mix when making homemade tea, since you can easily control the dosage when making it yourself.  Check out our cannabis tea recipes and start making the tea of your dreams.

Make your own screen

An eco-friendly way to use your stems is by making them into a makeshift screen in your pipe. Break off a small piece and use it to hold your ground up weed, so it doesn’t fall through the whole. This is a great way to save some money too! When you taste the stem burning, you know it’s time to throw it out and put a new one.




Have you tried any of these fun ways to use your weed stems? Do you have an innovative way to use them? Leave us a comment down below!



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