Halloween Weed Strains That Taste Better Than Candy

Halloween Weed Strains That Taste Better Than Candy

Getting ready for Halloween can be a daunting task. You have to pick out costumes, decorations and especially all the treats you’ll sneak in while getting through the door-to-door trick or treating with your kids!

So why not make things easier (and more fun!) by picking up some cannabis strains that taste better than candy?

If it’s spooky season flavor you’re after, these five unique marijuana buds are sure to satisfy.

Trick-or-Treat yourself right this holiday with our go-to Halloween cannabis strain recommendations!

Gas Face

Gas Face strain is a highly talked-about hybrid strain that stands out with an astounding diesel and earthy flavors, and creative and uplifting effects.

Holloween Weed Strains - Gas Face

If you’re looking for a strain that relaxes the mind, ignites creativity, and brings happiness, Gas Face cannabis strain is the ideal pick for you.


Sherbhead strain brings energizing and creative experience. This hybrid blend provides stimulating effects and opens the door to a new and indulgent journey.

It features a combination of herbal, cheese, and diesel aromas, creating a scent that’s like creamy cheese infused with hints of peppery diesel and tangy citrus.

Halloween Cannabis Strains - Sherbhead

When it comes to taste, Sherbhead offers a harmonious blend of sweet and sour lemony citrus, with a touch of mild spiciness and creamy cheese on the exhale. If you’re looking for an exciting and memorable experience, Sherbhead is a great Halloween cannabis strain.

Glitter Bomb

Glitter Bomb weed strain boasts a burst of energy and cerebral thinking. Thoughts may flow more frequently and in a more free-flowing manner.

It can also induce some trippy sensory effects, like visual distortions and altered time perception, which can be heightened by atmospheric movies or music.

As a great Halloween cannabis strain, Glitter Bomb’s flowers have a dank, earthy scent with notes of wood and musk. On the exhale, the smoke carries a fruity, slightly diesel taste.

Cherry Pop

Cherry Pop intensify certain thoughts or feelings. This cerebral, tuned-in way of thinking can pave the way for executing complicated analytical tasks.

As some time passes, however, this acute mental state begins to even out, aided by its palpable indica side. Deep breathing may happen more freely and easily as you find yourself suddenly more relaxed.

Halloween Weed Strains - Cherry Pop

Cherry Pop cannabis strain carries a deeply fruity scent that leans more toward berry than cherry. This sweet aroma is undercut by a more musky, earthy tone, redolent of damp earth.

Maltese Orange

Maltese Orange delivers an orange, spicy taste that brings a potent cocktail of effects. A mild body-numbing effect may accompany its cerebral high with a strong sense of euphoria.

It emits a sharp citrus tang. With an undertone of fruity berry scent, Maltese Orange gives off a smooth and easy smoke.

With an undeniable aftertaste of orange on the exhale, Maltese Orange is an amazing Halloween weed strain.


Happy Halloween, everyone!

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