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Gusher Mac Strain Review

Gusher Mac Strain Review

Gusher Mac is a fresh, new strain by LA Weeds. This hybrid strain is known to cure your blues and put you into a euphoric state of mind. We put it to the test to see if it lives up to the hype. Read below to learn all about this unique flower.

Gusher Mac Overview

  • Hybrid strain
  • 26.9% THC
  • Happy, euphoric effects
  • Indoor grown
  • Diesel, sweet flavors

Gusher Mac Strain Review


What are the effects of Gusher Mac?

I smoked Gusher Mac in the afternoon, an ideal time for enjoying any hybrid strain. After a few inhales, I definitely noticed I was in a more calm state of mind. But it was nothing too overwhelming, to the point where I got sleepy. I felt content and calm, and my body felt extremely relaxed. I stayed like this for a good 30 minutes, until my stomach started growling. Gusher Mac will definitely give you the munchies, which is personally one of my favorite parts of smoking. I liked the high from this strain because it wasn’t too overwhelming or underwhelming. It felt like a very evenly balanced high.


Gusher Mac


What does Gusher Mac taste like?

This strain has fruity and diesel flavors. It’s a really nice combination of the two. It gets the sweetness from on of its parent strains, Gushers. Its other parent strain, Mac, is where it gets the diesel. It’s a really enjoyable flavor honestly. Nothing too pungent. It’s perfectly balanced, just like the effects.

What does Gusher Mac smell like?

Similar to the taste, this strain gives off a sweet, diesel aroma. It smells like how weed should smell, in my opinion! The aroma quickly fills the room and engulfs anything in its path.


Overall, Gusher Mac was a great flower to smoke. It seems like a great choice for people who want to smoke in the afternoon, or those who need to relax. It will quickly put you into a relaxed and happy mood.


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