Going Cali Sober: Switching Out Booze For Weed

Going Cali Sober: Switching Out Booze For Weed

Almost all of us have woken up with a hangover at some point in our lives. The horrible headache, nausea, dry eyes, and regrets from the night before are all too familiar for many Americans. But for some strange reason, we continue to drink. We live in a culture where alcohol has been engraved into our minds as a way of having fun. What do we do when we get a promotion? Celebrate with wine! When we go to a birthday party? Pop a bottle of champagne! Meeting old friends? Grab a few drinks at a bar! Alcohol is everywhere we turn, and we have been conditioned to think that it’s impossible to have fun without it.

Each year around the world, 3.3 million people die from alcohol-related deaths. Sadly, that hasn’t been enough to make us quit. In the US alone, deaths caused by alcohol have doubled annually since 1999, while cannabis has been responsible for zero deaths.

What is ‘Cali Sober’?

The name is inspired by the state of California, where 13% of the population smokes weed. Being ‘Cali Sober’ means switching out alcohol for weed. There are some great advantages of being Cali sober. This means never waking up with a hangover, never getting so intoxicated where you don’t remember what (or who) you did the night before, and saving some serious money. Studies have shown that the average amount of money people spend on a night out drinking is $81. If you go out Friday and Saturday, that’s more than $150 spent on alcohol! When you switch to weed, you can buy an 8th for around $50-$60, and it will probably last you more than just a night!

Being Cali Sober doesn’t mean you have to live in California. If you live in a place where consuming weed is still frowned upon, just light a joint before leaving the house to meet up with your friends.

Many of us use alcohol to ease anxiety, start a conversation, or relax. These are all things that cannabis can help with too, but without any negative side effects the next day!

Although you might get some strange looks at a bar when you order a soda instead of a beer, but if it means not waking up with a hangover, it’s worth-it on our opinion!


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