Gelato #33 Strain Review & Information

What Strain is Gelato #33?

Gelato #33 is a gorgeous cross-breed of Sunset Sherbet strain and one and only Girl Scout Cookies.

Is Gelato #33 and Indica or Sativa?

Gelato #33 is a hybrid strain that offers a high which will give your both mind and body what they need.

Gelato #33 THC Level

Gelato #33  hits you with a whopping 27.7 % THC content, this bud is serious.

Gelato #33 Strain Effects

After smoking this flower, even the most veteran stoner will feel energized and uplifted. Its hybrid nature assures a well-balanced high that will not leave you drowsy or couch-locked. Instead, you will be energized by euphoric bursts. The majority of patients use this strain to alleviate melancholy, insomnia, and physical pain, particularly aches and cramps. This strain is known to make people feel joyful, uplifted, and relaxed.

Gelato #33 Strain Flavors

The citrus flavors take hold almost instantaneously when Gelato #33 is smoked. The strain’s first impression is sweet and herbaceous, with a lot of tropical fruit aromas such as pineapple, grapefruit, and white peach. The smoke is rich and creamy, with a drool-inducing sweetness that makes you want to stop and smell it. The final sensation is of a creamy fruitiness on the exhale.

Gelato #33 Strain Smell

Gelato #33 smells like the frozen treat it’s named after, with a sweet, sugary, and fruity aroma.

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Gelato #33 Strain Growing Info

This strain can be grown both indoors and outdoor but indoor environments provide more control over the growing process. The gas lantern method is commonly used for this strain. The plants respond well to topping and training. Gelato 33 is beautiful. Dark pine green blooms with an abundance of purple, blazing orange-red hairs, and endless trichomes grow densely and compactly on this exotic strain.


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