Gas Mask Review & Information

What strain is Gas Mask?cali_kush_co_gas_mask

Gas Mask is the embodiment of how far cross-breeding can go. This strain is created by crossing and backcrossing the Cherry Pie and the Fire Alien Kush strains.

Is Gas Mask an Indica or Sativa?

The Gas Mask is a potent, indica dominant hybrid strain.

Gas Mask Strain Growing Info

Since it is a specially crafted strain, it is recommended to grow Gas Mask in controlled indoor environments. The flowering time usually takes 8 or 9 weeks. If you give the necessary attention, expect to see a decent amount of yield. Properly grown buds should be dense and the color of the buds should be dark olive green with dark amber hairs and purple undertones.

Gas Mask THC Level

Gas Mask is an overpowering strain with 21.8% THC content.

Is Gas Mask Exotic?

Yes, this strain is considered exotic due to its rarity and its origin.

Gas Mask Strain Effects

Warning: This bud is not a going out bud. Gas Mask is more of a nighttime strain for ending the day in a more relaxed state. The high hits hard, first your mind then the body follows. You will be sedated to a point where you just want to kick back and chill. Gas Mask’s strong body high made it a great strain to combat insomnia, fatigue, depression, and chronic pain.

Gas Mask Strain Flavors

Gas Mask has a remarkably pungent flavor that you would notice instantly after you exhale. Dominant diesel flavor is accompanied by hints of sour red fruits.

Gas Mask Strain Smell

The name of this strain should give you some tips about the smell. Its stench can easily fill the room as soon as you open its package. Gas Mask smells like cherries with a skunky and sour twist.

Gas Mask Review & Information

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