Garlic Cookies Strain Review & Information

Garlic Cookies, sometimes called GMO Cookies, is a highly potent cannabis strain. As you may have guessed, the somewhat strange flower name comes from the unique terpene profile. However, a slightly strong flavor won’t scare off consumers because Garlic Cookies strain THC level is 24% and 30%, making it a must-have on any delivery list. 

Garlic Cookies: An Interesting Family Lineage

You may want to know, “is Garlic Cookies sativa or indica?” The answer is both. It’s 90/10 indica. GMO Cookies is a hybrid of GSC, formally known as Girl Scout Cookies, a 60/40 sativa, and Chemdawg, a 55/45 indica. Going a bit further back, GSC is a hybrid of OG Kush and Durban Poison. Chemdawg’s parents are landrace strains, Nepalese and Thai. But wait, it gets better. OG Kush is a triple cross of Hindu Kush, Lemon Thai, and Chemdawg, making a full circle for Garlic Cookies. Thanks to these fantastic genetics, Garlic Cookies is one of the most potent strains available.

Why Buy GMO Cookies

A top-selling point is the THC level. Some phenotypes may push the percentage to as much as 32%.  It offers a euphoric high that fully reflexes the body from head to toe. As a true indica, expect a complete couch-lock. This isn’t a strain for daytime fun. Instead, users might want to use it after work or as a nightcap before bed. Although your body will take a break, GMO Cookies keep your head in the game. Consider light activities with the potent strain, such as watching a movie. Individuals that indulge too much in GMO Cookies might doze off when toking on the unique flowers. Some reviews joke that the only thing that pairs with a few too many hits of Garlic Cookies pairs best with doing nothing. 

Consumers report an utterly relaxing experience that boosts their mood, zaps away anxious thoughts and helps them sleep better at night. For medical purposes, customers buy the strain to assist with chronic pain, depression, stress, and PTSD symptoms. Its pain-relieving properties might come from the 1% CBG in the strain’s cannabinoid profile. Some buyers choose the strain to boost appetite and reduce nausea. Anyone who enjoys GMO Cookies will find themselves in the kitchen before the night is done.

Appearance, Taste, & Aroma

GMO Cookies is a beautiful flower with different shades of green, plenty of rust-colored pistils, and a thick coating of clear white trichomes. The buds are spade-shaped and fluffy. True to its name, Garlic Cookies offer a pungent garlic fragrance mixed with cookies and an earthy undertone. For consumers that want to know about the unique aroma or what terpene is garlic, GMO Cookies has a unique terpene profile that contains 1.1% limonene, 0.5% beta-caryophyllene, and 0.4% beta myrcene. The fragrance doesn’t change the taste. Instead, it offers the same unique garlicky flavor with a cookie aftertaste.

FAQ: Garlic Cookies Strain

Is Garlic Cookies Good for New Users?

The average garlic cookies strain THC level is 26%. Consumers new to cannabis might want to try something less potent for their first time. If you do choose Garlic Cookies, take it slow until you know how the high-THC strain affects you. 

Who is the Breeder of GMO Cookies?

Garlic Cookies was initially bred by Mamiko Seeds, a popular Cookie Strain breeder. Other hybrids developed by Mamiko Seeds include Sister Cookies and Fire Afghan Cookies. 

What are Similar Strains to Try?

Garlic Cookies Strain has a unique taste and aroma. There’s one other known garlic flower. Garlic Kush hit the market in the early 90s from Sensi Seeds. However, consumers that tried the older strain reported a more tangy musk and spice flavor than garlic. But there are flowers with a similar dominant terpene, limonene, and high THC level. These include,

  • OG Kush Breath
  • Animal Kush Mints
  • Apple Fritter


If you’re wondering what cookie strain is the best, after reading our review, you might put GMO Cookies on that list. The powerful flowers have a unique flavor and taste and pack a punch you’ll never forget. The scent might not be strong enough to ward off vampires but the intense effect of the high potency flower could even relax and put Dracula in a coffin-lock. 

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