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Feeling Shy? Try One Of These Strains To Boost Your Confidence!

Feeling Shy? Try One Of These Strains To Boost Your Confidence!

All of us get shy from time to time. Whether it’s in a big group or meeting new people, sometimes we just need a little confidence boost to get out of our shell. Luckily, there are some cannabis strains that can make you feel more relaxed and talkative. Next time you’re feeling a little shy, take a few hits of these cannabis strains to boost your confidence and watch the magic happen!

Apple Pie

Apple Pie is a delicious sativa flower. This energizing strain hits like a caffeine rush straight into the blood stream. Puff on Apple Pie in the daytime for a great way to uplift your mood and improve focus. 28.1% THC

Candy Apple

Candy Apple is a rare sativa strain, loved by so many. This bud packs a super sweet vanilla creamy flavor with a sharp hint of sour apple upon exhale. The Candy Apple high is absolutely perfect for a day packed full of outdoors activities, with energizing effects that last for hours on end. 26.5% THC


Blucifer is a sativa strain with a delicious aroma of fresh blueberries, cream, and a hint of spice. This energizing strain is ideal for smoking during a productive afternoon. 25.8% THC

London Mints

London Mints is a hybrid strain containing over 29% THC. Enjoy sweet, mint flavors that instantly fill your senses with a delightful feeling. Users have described a creative, uplifting feeling after a few tokes of London Mints. 29.5% THC

Ninja Punch

Ninja Punch is a hybrid strain known for leaving its users in a great mood. Ninja Punch delivers a quick jolt of happiness straight into the mind while a relaxing euphoria takes over the body.This lovable flower is nothing short of amazing. A sweet, earthy aroma fills the air as soon as the buds are lit. 24.4% THC

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