Don’t Buy Marijuana Without Reading This First

Don't Buy Marijuana Without Reading This First

As with any purchase, when you buy marijuana, you want to make sure you’re getting the very best. The best smoking experiences are the direct result of the very best marijuana buds. Join us as we explain how to spot the best marijuana flowers, and how to ‘weed’ out the subpar competition.

When the bud is actually good, you spark up and encounter pleasant highs, great flavor, and relaxing scents. The worst smoking experiences often come when flower is, well, just awful. We constantly want the “loud,” “fire,” “Private Reserve” weed, and would like to avoid the “schwag,””brick,” and”bunk” weed at all costs.

Identifying high-quality, or as people familiar to purchasing weed say: “top shelf,” flower can throw even the most seasoned cannabis connoisseurs for a loop, and here are a couple of important characteristics that separate today’s high-end strains from less desirable ones.

Let us quickly define flower before we get started on the ‘How To Buy Marijuana’ guide. The term flower refers to the dried and treated female cannabis plant’s blooms, often called “nugs” or “buds.” Flower is typically intoxicating in nature — THC content is the principal indicator of euphoric potency — but a few flowers have high CBD content and will bring about less intoxicating effects.

There are four major indicators when delineating between high quality blossom and subpar blossom: smell, look, texture, and flower structure.

Listed below are a few markers that will assist you identify the ideal marijuana for your money.


Cannabis cultivated and treated to the greatest standards typically shows a pleasant and humid aroma. Flowers emitting a solid fragrance are commonly referred to as having a “dank” or “loud” odor, signaling the total quality of the flower.

The common denominator is that a great smelling blossom is distinct, pungent, and unmistakable; the more stronger the smell, the greater effect.


High End Flower, for example new, healthful produce, supplies a couple of visual hints that will help you ascertain its quality.

While all fantastic cannabis should be visually appealing, a high shelf strain can easily display a brilliant array of vibrant colors . Quality flowers are often a lime or deep green with flaming orange to reddish hairs growth. They can also contain colors from purple to bright blue, but should never exhibit brown color tones.

Another significant visual index is the amount of trichomes. Trichomes are the tiny, glimmering crystal-like appendages on the plant’s face which produce and hold the compounds responsible for the flower’s odor, taste, and consequences. The more trichomes you can see with the naked eye, the better the indicator of this blossom’s strength.


Top shelf blossom should be sticky and slightly spongy when you touch or squeeze it between your palms. Stems should snap and the bud should be comparatively easy to break apart, but shouldn’t be completely dry or crumble apart once you touch it. Alternately, buds shouldn’t be moist or soft, as these buds have a greater prospect of including or growing mold or mildew.

Flower Construction

Skillfully cultivated and treated Sativa blossoms have a tendency to be soft and light in form and composition, while Indicas tend to be tighter and denser in blossom structure. Rock-hard flowers are an indication which cultivators may have utilized plant growth regulators, which can lead to an unpleasant taste. Extremely fluffy flowers might be a signal that the plant wasn’t grown under adequate light density and was not cultivated to its potential.

Even though “top shelf” flower is the hallmark of a great dispensary, fantastic flower comes in many sizes and shapes — and have over a few nicknames and by-products.

Indicators of Subpar Quality


Low-quality flower can take on a variety of quirky fragrances, which are rarely good. A musty, straw or grass-like odor is a clear sign of elderly cannabis. Unpleasant aromas are generally an indication of mishandling or poorly treated cannabis.


The visual appeal of low-quality blossom is distinct. It can arrive in the shape of discolored blossom or a wealth of stems and seeds. There are many reasons for a discolored flower — pesticides, mold, chemicals — the bottom line is you don’t want to buy it, let alone smoke .

An unfortunate sight, low-quality cannabis is seen in several shades of ugly. From dirt brown to an immature lime green flower, nature provides several visual clues when you are looking at a good plant gone bad.


Dry bud will feel light and airy with no weight behind it. Subpar flower will readily crumble when handled, or might even be falling apart. Loose, undone flower is known as “shake” and ought to be avoided.

Flower Construction

Airy, feeble, and composed of primarily stems — poor flower structure is readily discovered by the discerning eye. While a properly cultivated flower will soon be aesthetically pleasing, a carelessly grown plant will create inferior looking flowers.

The Very Best Indicator — Your Own Personal Taste

The hunt for a high quality flower does not have to be a catchy one. With a discerning eye, even the hottest of cannabis smokers will have the ability to easily distinguish the great buds from the bad.

But at the end of the day, it’s all about what you enjoy. What you prefer could be different than that which the local budtender, delivery driver, or your friend likes. It is just about finding the brand you like and wanting their products.

So get out there, look for the four chief indicators: smell, appearance, texture, and flower structure to locate a brand that best suits your personal taste.

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