Did You Know You Could Save Money On Your Kushfly Orders?

Did You Know You Could Save Money On Your Kushfly Orders?

At Kushfly, we appreciate each and every one of our loyal customers, and we are always looking for ways to improve our service. One of the ways we love to extend our appreciation is by offering a recycling program to our customers so they can save money on Kushfly orders! To learn more about our recycling program and how to save money, read on!



Take advantage of our Quadruple Recycle Rewards!

Return your empty Kushfly jars & tubes, get a discount worth 4x the regular discount!! $2 per jar, $1 per tube, $20 max discount per order.  Valid now – 1/26/20 


Step 1:

After you are finished with your flowers, joints, vape pens, or cartridges, hang onto the containers until your next order.

Step 2:

When your driver arrives with your next order, simply give your empty jars, joint tubes, or old cartridges to your driver and they will discount your order on the spot!

Step 3:

That’s it! Enjoy your newly discounted order!



Q: How much is each container worth?

A: Jars, pens, and cartridges are worth $0.50 for each qualifying item. Joint tubes are worth $0.25.


Q: I have bunch of jars and carts. Can I recycle all of them?

A: Because our drivers have limited space, they won’t be able to accept more than 20 items at one time. You can still recycle these items on your next order.


Q: How much can I recycle per order?

A: We accept a maximum of 20 items per order (a $10 recycling value)


Q: Is there any minimum to be qualified for recycling rewards?

A: No, there’s no order minimum or minimum recycle value required to be qualified for rewards.


Q: I have empty jars and carts from other store. Can I recycle them?

A: Only jars and cartridges from the brands sold and purchased from Kushfly are qualified. Other brands or products purchased from other stores are not qualified for Kushfly’s recycling rewards program.


We look forward to seeing you and your recycled containers on future orders! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

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