How to Use a Jetty Dablicator?

While we all adjust to the many changes and uncertainties in the new California regulations, one thing you can still count on is Jetty Extracts at Kushfly. This San Diego-based brand has been providing award-winning product since 2013 with clear intentions of improving every chance they can. But how to Use a Jetty Dablicator?

How to use a Jetty Dablicator with flower? One of the most innovative concentrate products on the market is the Jetty Extracts Dablicator™. Originally well known for their high-quality oil extractions, Jetty engineered this unique device specifically to enhance the way you get high, no matter what your method may be. The Dablicator™ is a sleek pen with a twist-up mechanism that dispenses a precise drop of heavenly gold goodness in 0.05g doses with each click, allowing you to easily control how much wax you’d like at once. The hassle of making a sticky mess with the packaging and dab tool disappear with ease.

How can I spread it on a joint? Concentrates are not only meant for dabbing, you can also use them to enhance your flower consumption! Jetty Extracts is proud to introduce their new line of flower. All lab-tested and pesticide-free, their flower is as top notch as their extractions. If you are smoking with glass, hand pipe or water pipe, a couple drops of oil on top of your bowl will take your high to the next level. If you’re planning on rolling up and interested in an extra kick, simply crank out a bit of Jetty Extracts oil and line the inside of a joint paper before adding the ground up flower. You can also add it to the outside of a pre-rolled joint and sprinkle some kief on it to really blast off!

Although there are more creative ways to use the Dablicator™, the most traditional way would be in a glass dab rig with a butane torch. How much you choose to dab at a time is up to you, but always remember that a little bit goes a long way with concentrates!

This weekend only, we are offering you a Dablicator™ for just $1 when you order any two Jetty Extracts flower 1/8 jars. Enjoy a variety of potent strains like Skywalker OG, Royal Razz, Tire Fire, or Lucid Dream! Show us how you use your Dablicator™ or reach out for any tips! Happy dabbing!

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