Cookies & Cream Review

Cookies & Cream Strain Review

Cookies & Cream is a popular flavor for all kinds of things ranging from ice-cream to cereal bars, but we bet you’d never have thought that it’s also a potent strain of weed!

Cookies & Cream is a smooth hybrid strain known for its delicious aroma and potent benefits.  This strain is a crowd pleaser and is an excellent choice for newbies and novice smokers.

Cookies & Cream is a hybrid, meaning it contains properties of both a traditional indica as well as a sativa. This allows it some versatility with regard to its effects, making it a great choice for an everyday strain.

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The name ‘Cookies & Cream’ will come as no surprise to you once you have the pleasure of smelling or tasting this strain. With extremely sweet notes that linger on the tongue, this hybrid is eerily reminiscent of it’s ice-cream cousin. It has a vanilla flavor that is somewhat light, comparable to the vanilla flavor that is gained from oak barrels in fine whisky. What is unique about this strain is the rich earthiness that finds its way to your tastebuds not long after the vanilla dissipates. The buds are dark and rich, which is surprising considering its light flavor.

The most popular use for Cookies & Cream is to combat stress or anxiety. Its effects are calming and relaxing, and just generally make you feel a little bit better about yourself. The effects creep up easily and under-whelmingly, nothing that will take you over the edge. Expect a light sedation to start at the top of our head and slowly engulf your body and mind into a deep euphoria. This is a great choice for evening or nighttime use, as it will eventually ease you into a gentle daze.

Cookies & Cream is one of those rare strains that lives up to its reputation by possessing a unique flavor and amazing benefits.

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