Clementine Strain Review

Clementine Strain Review

Clementine is an uplifting sativa strain grown by LA weeds. This strain deserves its reputation as one of the fruitiest and most enjoyable sativas on the market today. It is ideal for those looking for a quick energy-boosting strain that won’t make you feel sluggish and locked on the couch.


Clementine is an ideal strain for daytime use, and is preferred by customers who like to stay active while still enjoying a nice high. Clementine will make you feel more optimistic, and you will want to give that positive attitude to everyone around you, thus making you feel even more happy and content.

This strain can deliver sudden bursts of euphoria that will be even more noticeable because of the extreme case of the giggles that will ensue when smoking it. If you are a creative person, this strain is a great choice since it can make any ideas seem more colorful and unique.


Clementine is delicious in many ways. This sativa gives off a delicate fragrance of lemons, which will enhance the uplifting and awakening effects that it delivers. Users will also notice a certain spice and earthiness in this strain, with a sweet citrus aroma lingering in the air long after its effects have taken over.


The flavors of Clementine can be described as sweet and sour. This sativa has a smoke that tastes creamy and lemony at first, while leaving a strong sweet orange taste on the exhale.

Adverse Reactions

Because of its high THC content, Clementine has extremely uplifting and energizing effects. This can be overwhelming to new users, and may make them feel like it is too much to handle. This strain may make new users feel anxious and unsettled, so it is best to proceed with caution.


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