Cinderella Dream Strain Review

Cinderella Dream Strain Review

We can only hope that Cinderella enjoyed a few joints in her time, and if she did.. we are sure she would have loved this strain. Cinderella Dream is an uplifting sativa strain that will leave you feeling like you’re living in a fairy-tail.

Cinderella Dream Overview

EFFECTS Talkative
FRAGRANCE Berry, blueberry, citrus, skunk
FLAVORS Sweet, berry, citrus, lemon, spicy



You will feel an immediate burst of energy after the first inhale of Cinderella Dream. This sativa quickly erases any negative feelings and wakes up a new energy inside of you. This is a great daytime strain, as it will give you a kick of energy to finish your daily tasks and won’t leave you with any groggy side effects. This sativa is also a mood enhancing strain, and chases away any bad moods or feelings of depression. It inspires a sense of contentment and happiness, and for this reason, is an ideal strain to enjoy with friends. Cinderella Dream makes the user extremely sociable and talkative.

Medical Benefits

Cinderella Dream is ideal strain for easing stress and depression. Its strong sativa effects make it a great choice for enhancing your mood. This is a great choice for those who are feeling a bit down and need a pick-me-up. As soon as the high arises, it dissolves all the negative thoughts that may be in your mind.


Cinderella Dream has a sweet berry aroma, specifically that of blueberry. This strain also has an undertone of freshly grated lemons and makes for a delicious mixture of the two scents. After grinding the flower, it releases a skunky fragrance that lingers in the air.


Similar to its scent, Cinderella Dream has a delicious berry taste. When inhaled, the crisp flavor of lemon is overwhelming, with a spicy exhale.

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