CBD and Your Dog: What You Need to Know

Did you know that humans aren’t the animals that have an endocannabinoid system? In fact, quite a few creatures of the earth (including your four-legged best friend!) have endocannabinoid systems running throughout their bodies, allowing them to take advantage of the therapeutic qualities of the cannabis plant.

Why Use CBD for Your Dog

Dogs don’t only share your life, they share your feelings. Animals, especially sentient animals such as dogs, have feelings. Feelings of fear, anxiety, pain, and when they get into their golden years, seizures, arthritis, inflammation, cancer and other bodily ailments that interrupt daily life and negatively impact the quality of life. CBD can help with that.

With daily and proper use, animals may experience the same relieving qualities that humans have been benefiting from in recent years. CBD will not only improve symptoms of ailments, it will increase the quality of daily life and the bond between you and your pal. It has been touted as a magical drug that helps with almost everything! And research is beginning to show the same results in animal use.

IS CBD Safe For My Pets?

You aren’t the first person to ask this question. But that doesn’t necessarily mean there is a clear answer.

Veterinarians and animal specialists alike have varying opinions on the subject. Some say yes, some say no, but most say maybe. Overall, an overwhelming majority say that is is most likely okay to give your dog CBD. The only thing stopping more from agreeing with this is the lack of clinical studies. Although there have been thousands of unofficial trials and real-world experiments, only a few official scientific trials have been completed. One is from Cornell.

Cornell University has recently shifted their gaze to animals and CBD use. So far, their research has shown CBD to be effective in treating ailments in animals the same, or similar, to humans.

One very important note, you should never give your dog, or other animal, products containing more than trace amounts of THC (the chemical in cannabis that gets you high). There have been more and more cases of pet-owners allowing their animals into their personal staff and causing an adverse reaction in their dogs. Animals are more likely to have negative or unpleasant reactions to THC, they don’t know what is going on after all and never they gave you consent to give them the product in the first place. If your animal is having adverse reactions, such as difficulty keeping consciousness, take them to a medical professional who specializes in animals and animal poisoning. Trust me, you do not want to deal with that.

Finding the Right Products

It is more difficult to judge how much CBD to give to your dog since we can’t accurately measure the strength. Because of this, we recommend starting off with the smallest dosage and slowly working your way up from there, depending on your dog’s reaction. Finding the right product for your dog can seem like a chore, but recently more companies have shifted their focus to creating CBD products specifically for pets, taking some of the experimentation/guessing game out of the equation.

Remember, don’t always trust what is on the package. Only purchase products that are lab-tested and have a good reputation. You wouldn’t want to cheap stuff for you, why do that to your furry friend? As always, medicate responsibly.





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