CBD And Alcohol – Do They Mix?

CBD continues to pop up everywhere we turn, but have you ever wondered what happens if you combine CBD and alcohol? Or how about combining CBD gummies and alcohol? Is it a safe combination? What will the effects be of combining the two?

CBD And Alcohol Interaction

We have yet to uncover all of the effects and benefits of CBD, but we can tell you that in previous studies, there have been promising results. There needs to be more research done about combining CBD and alcohol to fully understand the combination. However, we will tell you about results from past studies.

A study done in 1979 gave 10 volunteers one of the following combinations: a CBD capsule and alcohol, a CBD capsule and orange juice, a placebo with orange juice, or alcohol on its own. Those who ingested a mix of CBD and alcohol had lower blood alcohol levels than those who had just ingested alcohol. However, there were no noticeable differences in impaired motor skills.

CBD And Alcohol - Do They Mix?

Some studies done on animals also have promising results. A study done in 2013 gave CBD gel and injections to mice, which were also given alcohol. Both the CBD gel and injections were effective in decreasing the rate of neurodegerneration in the rodents. Neurodegeneration refers to the progressive atrophy and loss of function of neurons, which can be caused by alcohol abuse.


How Does CBD Work In Our Bodies?

Everyone has an endocannabinoid system (ECS) in their body, which interacts with CBD and THC. When we ingest CBD, it binds to several receptor pathways in our bodies, including CB1 and CB2. When the CB2 receptor is activated, that’s when it regulates immune responses and inflammation.

CBD Infused Beer

CBD infused beer is already becoming popular in the U.S. Most CBD infused beers do not contain any ABV, since stores that already sell CBD products would need a separate liquor license to sell it.  CBD will not make you feel ‘high’ in any way and combining the two is a match made in heaven. Drinking CBD infused beer is a great way to wake up the next morning hangover-free and feeling great!

CBD And Alcohol - Do They Mix?
CBD infused beer is becoming popular.


Does CBD Help With Hangovers?

Let’s be honest. There is no cure for a horrible hangover. However, CBD has been known to help ease headaches, nausea, and lightheadedness- which are all effects of a hangover. Next time you’ve had too much to drink, try eating some CBD gummies or take a few puffs of a CBD flower.

CBD And Alcohol - Do They Mix?
Using CBD can help ease symptoms of a hangover.


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CBD And Alcohol - Do They Mix?

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