Cannabis and Exercise – Surprising Study Shows Stoners Love To Workout While High!

Cannabis and Exercise - Surprising Study Shows Stoners Love To Workout While High!

Stereotypes can’t always be a reliable source of information. As from the recent findings by University of Colorado at Boulder researchers that those who consume cannabis are really into exercising.

“The usual stereotype is of someone lying on his sofa for hours, blissed out and eating Doritos,” Angela Bryan, a professor of psychology and neuroscience, told the New York Times. “Our concern going in was that cannabis use would be detrimental to physical activity,” said Bryan, who led the research team. “Our evidence does not support that notion.”

Really. A whopping 81.7% of the 605 study participants endorsed using cannabis either before or after exercising.

The investigators sought out marijuana users in five states with legal recreational weed–California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington. Individuals who admitted using the medication while working out reported higher weekly averages of aerobic exercise than users who didn’t imbibe around exercise: 159.7 minutes per week vs.103.5 minutes. In addition they had a lower BMI: 25.6 vs. 27.

The study, published recently in Frontiers in Public Health, also found those who used the drug before or after exercising were on average younger and tended to be male compared with those who didn’t mix marijuana with exercise. It must be noted that four of those five states where research participants lived rank one of the top six to get physical action in the U.S.

As always, more research (and workout?) May be required.

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