Can It Be True? 86 Year Old Willie Nelson Has Stopped Smoking Weed?

Can It Be True? 86 Year Old Willie Nelson Has Stopped Smoking Weed?

65 years after rolling his first joint, country star and legend Willie Nelson says he has stopped smoking weed. While this may come as a huge shock to most people, his publicist does say that he still enjoys marijuana in other ways.

The 86 year old says he has encountered some breathing issues so smoking is not the best thing for him these days.

“I don’t smoke anymore. I take better care of myself today than I did then,” he said.

Nelson admitted that he started smoking at a young age, saying, “breathing is a little more difficult these days and I have to be careful. I started out smoking cedar bark and it went from that to cigarettes, to whatever. And that almost killed me.”

In summer 2019, the singer had to cancel 6 shows on his tour due to breathing issues.

For over 40 years, Nelson has been a huge advocate for the benefits and his own personal love of marijuana, and he even came out with his own line of cannabis products.

Nelson doesn’t have plans to slow down anytime soon. This past November he performed at a sold out show in Texas and took the stage at the CMA Awards in Nashville.

Nelson said he doesn’t plan on stopping touring anytime soon and already has dates lined up for 2020.

Elaine Schock, Nelson’s publicist, was the one to point out that while Nelson has stopped smoking weed, he still uses cannabis in different ways. While she didn’t clarify which ways those were exactly, there are many other ways to get the benefits of cannabis without smoking it. These may include eating edibles, using topical lotions or rubs, and using tinctures.

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