Can CBD Help You Cope With Social Distancing?

Can CBD Help You Cope With Social Distancing?

It’s no secret that social distancing has taken its toll. The coronavirus pandemic has forced us to be distanced from one another, preventing us to being comforted by friends and family members at a time when we need it the most. What if we told you that CBD might be able to help you cope with social distancing? Curious to find out how? Then read on!

While there haven’t been any direct studies conducted of consuming CBD in isolation, there have been tons of other studies regarding CBD helping people cope with stress and anxiety. Those in self isolation have reported feelings of depression, anxiety, and stress, which are all feelings that CBD has been proven to help! In fact, in one study done on teens, CBD diminished social anxiety, and encouraged them to reach out to others for help. CBD has also been reported to produce soothing effects which can help control anxiety, reoccurring thoughts and panic attacks.

So, which CBD products could help you cope  with social distancing?

Try adding these CBD products into your daily routine. As always, remember to also take care of healthy, get some exercise and call your friends! We guarantee you’ll be feeling better in no time.

Dr. Hemp Preroll

Now you can enjoy the benefits of CBD in a convenient preroll! Dr. Hemp Prerolls contain 80% CBD and 20% kief. They offer the perfect combination of euphoria and relief from ailments such as pain, insomnia, anxiety and more, without delivering any high feelings.

Hemp Thrill Gummies

These delicious gummies are an easy and fun way to consume countless benefits of CBD. CBD is perfect to help your mind and body relax.

Select CBD Drops

The purest extract available, enriched with highly refined peppermint, ashwagandha, and rhodiola essential oils—this uplifting blend is formulated to provide the clarifying support you crave.

Select CBD Disposable Pen Relax

The purest extract available, enriched with highly refined lavender essential oils—breathing in this soothing blend is your ticket to calm and tranquility amidst the chaos.

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