CaliKush Co. Prerolled Joints Review

CaliKush Co. Specialty Indica 7 Pre-Rolled Joints
CaliKush Co. Indica Pre-Rolls

If you’re at all familiar with CaliKush Co., you know their weed is top quality and always super fresh. You might be pleasantly surprised to find out that they now have their own line of CaliKush Co. Pre-rolled Joints available in a convenient cigarette-like pack. It’s a crown pleasing carton that will not only impress your friends, but send you into a delightful high. 

All of the weed packed inside of these joints is indoor grown along the West Coast in California.

CaliKush Co. Sativa Pre-Rolls

CaliKush Co. Pre-rolled Joints packaging is childproof and convenient all in one. The flower comes in your choice of sativa, hybrid, or indica. A pack with 7 joints sells for $45, and a pack of 14 sells for $85. Not bad prices considering each joint is filled with 0.75g of cannabis flower.

This is top-quality weed that’s packed inside. None of that shake or trim inside, and the proof is in the effects.

The sativa delivers an uplifting and energizing effects, the hybrid sends a deep feeling of euphoria all through your body, and the indica will relax you all the way into dreamland.

CaliKush Co. is the future of cannabis. Their pre-rolled joints are a delightful and easy way to enjoy cannabis. They’re perfect for parties or festivals, or to have on hand for any occasion.

Potency: Not sure of the exact THC%, but they definitely feel strong

Smell: Once burned, these joints have a pungent, earthy aroma that fills the room

Taste: Definitely piney and woody, but not overly bitter.

Appearance: The box is neat and clean and I love that they are childproof as well

Medical Application: Helps with anxiety, depression, stress

Effect: Impressively good for pre-rolls in a convenient package. The high lasted for hours and was extremely enjoyable.

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CaliKush Co. Specialty Hybrid 14 Pre-Rolled Joints

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