California Authorities start to crack down unlicensed MJ Shops

California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) reported further implementation activities against unlicensed cannabis businesses.

This scope was against a couple of unlicensed retailers – one in Los Angeles and the other in Sacramento County.

Licensed Cannabis firms in the state have quite a while complained about bootleg market businesses extremely undermining their licensed tax paying businesses.

State and neighborhood specialists have detailed several enforcement actions in late months as they proceed with endeavors to get serious about unlawful activities.

Here are subtleties on the most recent busts:

On Jan. 31, the Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) Division of Investigation’s Cannabis Enforcement Unit struck Nollie Green-Blu Solutions, an unlicensed dispensary business in the town of Fair Oaks, which is upper east of Sacramento. Authorities seized more than $250,000 worth of marijuana items, as indicated by a news discharge, however no arrests were reported.On Feb. 5, DCA’s Enforcement Unit helped the Los Angeles Police Department with the execution of a court order on an illicit L.A shop, Smoking Aces, which brought about the captures of six suspects and the seizure of more than $27,000 in cannabis items and two guns.

The Fair Oaks strike originated from a grumbling documented with the BCC. BCC encourages licensed businesses and the public to identify and report illegal MJ businesses operating without a proper license.

Data about how to report unlicensed cannabis businesses is available at the BCC’s site.

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