Blue Dream Review

Being a 50/50 hybrid, you really get the best of both worlds with Blue Dream. The effects hit almost instantly and powerfully, making it an instant favorite for many people, including myself. It is important to know that Blue Dream won’t give you an immediate energizing high, as opposed to what most people think. It is popular for relieving stress and anxiety.

Smoke & Effects

I experienced a full body melt mixed with an uplifting head high, a perfect mixture of both worlds. Within a few minutes, I was definitely feeling relaxed yet invigorated, a feeling I have yet to come by when enjoying a different hybrid strain. What I loved about this flower was how smooth it burned as well. My joint burned perfectly even and I didn’t cough at all.

Blue Dream Overview

  • 50/50 Hybrid Strain
  • Provides Body Relaxation Paired With an Invigorating Head High
  • Rich, Sweet Aroma
  • Good For Enjoyment at Anytime of Day
  • Popular Strain For Relieving Stress and Anxiety

Appearance & Aroma

Blue Dream has a rich, sugar-cookie scent that instantly fills the air. The vapor from the flower was super smooth and filled my entire mouth with a sweet light blueberry flavor. This batch of Blue Dream had frosty buds covered in long orange hairs, it was beautiful.

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Blue Dream is my new go-to strain when I’m looking for a relaxing yet cerebrally uplifting flower. It would be a perfect addition to bring to a group gathering or when you’re looking to get some creative juices flowing. If you have a mundane office job and need a strain to send some new creative waves through your mind, try Blue Dream.

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Blue Dream Review

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