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Blue Dream And Yoga

Two of this world’s greatest relaxing and calming practices are united. Simply put, yoga promises relaxation, bliss, and spiritual awareness; cannabis helps our body react well to these virtues. The blend of a little bit of cannabis during yoga might boost the ability of our mind to make meaning out of the vacation that is yoga.Marijuana during yoga is another intriguing, relatively uncharted aspect of cannabis done right. If you would like to explore effects out of both relaxing and energizing yoga routines while puffing on an assortment of cannabis strains, we are here to help!

Flower recommendation from our curator:



Blue Dream seems to be the fan favorite among cannabis enthusiasts, and if you’ve experienced the dream-like qualities of this blueberry-flavored hybrid, you can imagine why so many Leafly reviewers tout its meditative merits. Its full-body relaxation and cerebral euphoria tend to begin with a steady gentleness, allowing you to coast lightly into a peaceful, ethereal state of mind.

This legendary Sativa dominant Hybrid stems from a Blueberry Indica and Sativa Haze parent plants, creating a cerebral and relaxing high that most patients can’t get enough of. With a sweet berry scent reminiscent of its Indica parent that intoxicates your senses at first whiff. As you break apart the airy buds, a dusting of crystals will fill your bowl – a simple light, puff, and exhale is all you need to lose yourself to this potent strain. The both euphoric yet calming high is best for patients dealing with high levels of stress or depression and can be smoked throughout the day without feeling too exhausted.

Before starting any physical program, it’s important to consult with your healthcare provider. Yoga is physically demanding, so even if you get the okay from your physician, it’s probably not the best idea to start with the most advanced positions. To protect yourself from injury, ease into it and listen to your body.


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