Beware of Scammers Using “Kushfly” Brand

Google My Business is Helping Scam and Fraud Listings

Google and Google My Business (GMB) platform is open to anyone who has a business listing, and this openness creates some problems. Scammers can use the platform to create fake listings for their fraud, which can hurt the reputation of legitimate businesses in your area.

When you search a keyword or company name in Google, most likely the first result that comes up will be one of several local listings.And even though Google have some policies stating about restricted businesses, when you search “Marijuana Delivery” you’ll see many different results on Google.

While Kushfly, is a reputable cannabis delivery company in Los Angeles, Google has suspended its GMB account several times. But at the same time, Google allows a fake business listing, using our brand likeliness and listed as KUSHFLY MARIJUANA DISPENSARY AND DELIVERY, to advertise and promote their illegal scammer activities.

How to Spot Scammers using Kushfly name

Please beware, no one from Kushfly staff, will call you or text you and ask for money before a delivery, or after the delivery. All of our transactions are processed during the delivery face-to-face with a driver. We got several complains from people stating that they sent to money to someone with Cashapp or Zelle they contacted through the listing they found on Google after searching our brand name “Kushfly”. We don’t accept payments Cashapp or Zelle, and we’ll never ask you to send money before the delivery.

Kushfly has 100s of 5 star reviews from real customers since 2015 on Yelp, Google (our Google listing is suspended at the moment), and Trustpilot. But whenever we make an update on the GMB listing, our listing page is suspended in a day or two. When we contact with GMB support, they only give following answer:

“We can’t reinstate your Google My Business listing at this time as your business model is not eligible for a Google My Business listing according to Google My Business guidelines.

Check out our guidelines for representing your business on Google to see what types of businesses are eligible to be on Google Maps.”

While GMB Support says our business model is not eligible, which is delivering high quality cannabis products in a legal state to eligible customers with a high quality customer service, they allow these fake business models to scam people and fraud their money.

Even though we reported this listing many times, the page is still active and Google is still helping this person or organization to scam people. As a valued Kushfly customer or supporter, please make sure you only order from our website and be careful with scammers using our brand and asking for money before a delivery.

Please Report This Page to Help Reduce Fraud

Also, to help other people not to be a victim of scammers, please report the page given below on Google as an “Illegal, Harmful Listing”


10250 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90067


Recently they opened a few more websites and even more locations in different states using “Kushfly” name and brand. Kushfly only delivers locally in Los Angeles and surrounding cities, please make sure you only order from our official website

If you’re a victim, please contact us

We’ve made several complaints against this scammers to Federal Bureau of Investigation Internet Crimes Complaint Center IC3,

If you’re a victim of these scammers, please send us all related information such as text message screenshots, money transfer receipt, or anything you think is related to our email address at



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