The 8 Best Weed Strains Of California

Best Weed Strains of California

Are you looking for the best weed strains that California has to offer?

With so many options available, it can be a daunting task deciding which cannabis strain is right for you.

We have compiled our list of the best weed strains from Cali – each with different effects and flavors.

So if you’re on the hunt for an amazing smoke experience, look no further! In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the most popular (and delicious) weed strains found in California today.

Let’s dive into why these are our top picks!

Weed Strains of California: Vast Variety

8 – Vader OG

Join us on the dark side! Also called “Darth Vader OG” or “Vader Kush”, Vader OG cannabis strain is a super potent ticket to get in. Providing complete body rest and sleepiness, this heavy indica has hard-hitting effects.

This bud is distinctive with its typical yellow-green flowers, and vague pistils that surrounds it. Its pleasant grape smell and light taste are magnificent. One of the best cannabis strains in California, it comes with a %28.7 THC level.

7 – Perfect Gumbo

Having a distinctive bubblegum flavor and woody aroma, Perfect Gumbo weed strain is great for evening and nighttime full of laughter. The buds are blessed with hues of purple, blue, and light green, and crystal trichome coverage.

Perfect Gumbo Strain

With a %32.1 THC level, Perfect Gumbo positively affects muscle spasms and sleeping disorders according to many consumers. It is a smooth indica cannabis strain which perfectly suits newbies and experienced users.

6 – Lemon Tree

Lemon Tree cannabis strain brings energizing, creative hit! This tasty hybrid strain will have you feeling relaxed and happy in no time.

A hybrid cross of “Lemon Skunk” and “Sour Diesel” strains, its lemon flavor profile is mesmerizing!

Cannabis users who like a weed that tastes like lemon cannot resist Lemon Tree because it offers a perfect combination of lemon, citrus, & skunk flavors all in one. Its fresh taste instantly reminds you of a summertime glass of lemonade.

5 – White Truffle

White Truffle is a sought-after indica strain, thanks to its relaxed and creative effects that it delivers. This flower delivers an immediate rush of calmly to the head, which manifests into a strong focus and calmly.

It is ideal for those who are looking for a productive daytime strain that can keep them motivated and clear-headed. One of the popular weed strains in California, White Truffle weed strain comes with 26.6% THC.

4 – Blood Money

Blood Money is a hybrid weed strain which originated in the United States. It simply fills you with euphoria and creativity.

Blood Money weed strain has woody and fruity tastes and an earthy aroma. It has also a charming look with orange and light green buds, and attractive trichomes. This cannabis strain contains 31.7% THC level.

3 – Apples & Gas

Apples & Gas is a hybrid cannabis strain, which is originated Emerald Triangle. Crossing between “GMO Cookies” and “Broze #14” strains, this matchless strain has sweet, berry flavors.

One of the best weed strains of California, it stands out captivating green buds with a subtle black hue and dark amber hairs. Apples & Gas strain contains a %28.1 THC level.

2 – Black Runtz

That’s for sure: Black Runtz cannabis strain is a real deal for relaxation. Black Runtz is an indica strain that got its name among weed smokers for its shockingly strong effects.

Black Runtz Strain

Combination of “Zkittlez” and “Gelato” strains, Black Runtz offers sweet, fruity flavor with hints of grape, berry, and tropical fruit. It comes with a 30.2% THC level.

1 – Frosted Gumbo

Frosted Gumbo is an indica strain stands out with its marvelous smell. Having a sweet and intense flavor, it has potent effects on massive relaxation.

This tasty bud instantly boosts your appetite and mood. Thanks to its tiny, amber hairs around, and beautiful trichome layer, Frosted Gumbo cannabis strain has a visually stunning look. One of the popular cannabis strains, it comes with a %30.5 THC level.

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