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Best Weed brands in Los Angeles

With it’s sunny beaches and laid-back lifestyle, Los Angeles has a longstanding reputation as a weed-friendly place.  But behind those images of stoners and surfers is a long and serious research and development that pushes the limits of the best weed in California.

Kushfly is always working to offer the best products from the best brands in Los Angeles. Here are some of them.

Best Weed Brands In Los Angeles:

  • Best Flower Brands In Los Angeles

Los Exotics

los exotics
Los Exotics

Los Exotics flowers are painstakingly crafted to make customers feel special and pampered. The business stands behind it’s top-shelf strains and offers the best grade cannabis accessible today. If you’ve ever wondered what the “champagne” of flowers is, the Los Exotics product line has the answer. They manage to create some of the highest THC weeds in Los Angeles. Los Exotics guarantees both quality and diversity by offering a diverse selection of unusual and unique cannabis strains to fit your preferences. Make a point of going on a “Exotics” adventure.

LA Weeds

LA Weeds

LA Weeds was formed to make everyone who inhales it’s flowers feel at ease and secure. It takes pleasure in giving all of there indoor-grown flowers the greatest possible care. When you order any LA Weeds product, you can count on receiving a high-quality flower every time. From seed to sale, it is a family-owned and run business you can rely on. The brand is also unequaled in terms of strain diversity, so you may choose from a wide range of flowers of consistently good quality.

Marijuana Baba

Marijuana Baba
Marijuana Baba

Marijuana Baba’s “Smalls” nugs are a great, low-cost alternative to top-shelf full flowers. They’re still called buds or nugs, but they’re not as big as conventional buds, which can weigh several grams. These little buds provide nearly the same potency and quality as complete flower buds at a fraction of the cost. Marijuana Baba lives up to it’s name by constantly being available to help you out.

  • Best Vape Brands In Los Angeles


For years, KushBee has been perfecting it’s intense products to develop the best cannabis vape pens, giving customers a taste of there cannabis mastery through a selection of specialized goods. Disposable vape pens, the newest addition to KushBee’s ever-expanding product line, are the result of that mastery. The tremendous potency that comes from purity is ensured by these pocket-sized and unobtrusive disposable vape pens. There are no additives in the oil-only cartridges.


Dabwoods discovered the perfect balance of flavors and THC after years of study to fulfill the demands of every vape enthusiast. The flowers they use for the oils are all grown in Los Angeles with the utmost care with all organic materials. Dabwoods’ goal is to create products that are innovative and rooted in authenticity. It is a laid-back brand with seriously effective products and Kushfly is eager to deliver them to your address.

  • Best Edibles Brands In Los Angeles


STNDRD edibles are created with terpene mixes derived entirely from cannabis. They constantly provide a powerful and unforgettable gastronomic experience. Each bite-sized gummy is precisely manufactured to ensure superior quality and flavor. These snacks are perfect for snacking on at any time and in any place.

Whiz Edibles

Whiz Edibles is a well-known edibles producer based in California. The company is dedicated to providing you with the best-tasting gourmet cannabis sweets available. To ensure the best quality of flavor and strength, each batch is produced by hand. Every product is delicious and carefully infused with a THC level that has the fastest digestion rate when compared to other edible items. Whiz Edibles is a family-owned and run company. It began by making chocolates and has now expanded it’s product line to include brownies, biscuits, and fruit candies.


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