Best Museums to Visit Los Angeles When You’re High

There are tons of things to do in Los Angeles, and museums are one of the options that you should not skip. Also, visiting museums is already a time spent well but let’s face it, smoking before visiting enhances the experience. If you are in LA for a weed vacation, you might want to pair your flower with these museums to have a great time. If you are a resident and have already seen these places already, try to re-visit them after the best strains in town visit your lungs.

Museums in Los Angeles

We are starting the list with one of the OG’s in town.

Griffith Observatory

Everyone is heard of Griffith Observatory. It is a famous and iconic landmark of LA and it has a lot to offer, especially you are into space. Aside from the museums and the huge telescopes in the observatory, you can always enjoy the panoramic view of LA and the mesmerizing Pacific Ocean. Forget about Hollywood stars and visit the observatory to see the actual stars.

Art museums in Los Angeles 

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

LACMA is hosting more than 150,000 artwork, so clear your plans for the rest of the day. The museum provides both quantity and quality. LACMA is really great at displaying artwork from all around the world. You can also see the works of the most famous artists like Paul Cezanne, Kanagawaga, Rene Magritte, and such. Given you will be high as a kite while you are there, make sure to not get lost in the huge facility.

Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA)

MOCA is the Meca of contemporary art. You will find a vast variety of installations, sculptures, and paintings from around the world. This museum is also another wall of fame of artwork. Many creations of Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Jackson Pollock, Cy Twombly, Mark Rothko, and many more among more than 5000 artwork.

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History museums Los Angeles 

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles

The Natural History Museum could be the best place to cover thousands of years of world history. 3 floors filled with specimens and artifacts from every age and era. There are also temporary exhibits to see and you may come up with really good ones if you are lucky.

La Brea Tar Pits and Museum

Paleontology lovers this is your ride. La Brea Tar Pits and Museum is the home of more than 3.5 million fossils from the creatures of this planet. You can even see the bones of a 15,000 mammoth in some of the pits. The museum also offers exciting and entertaining tours that require a reservation to participate as well as multimedia experiences like Ice Age simulation.

Automotive museums in Los Angeles

Petersen Automotive Museum

Petersen Automotive Museum is a place for every car enthusiast. Thousands of vehicles from every era are displayed there to explore. PAM is also a great option for a short visit. It only takes 2 hours to roam the entire museum. You can expand this time if you want by participating in the educational programs but it could not be the best idea when you are high.

Nethercutt Museum and Collection

NMC is a great place to spend some time if you are into vintage cars. It is located really close to downtown LA and its display is not limited to just cars. You can also check out old antique furniture, gadgets, and watches. The best part is the fact that this place is free to visit but only for reserved tours.


Free Museums in Los Angeles

Getty Villa

Getty Center is reopened with the new name Getty Villa. The visit starts with a tram ride up the hill and soon as you are up in the air inside the tram you instantly realize that this place is huge. You are greeted with massive courtyards, fancy fountains, and Robin Irwin’s Central Garden with a bush labyrinth. A great collection of artwork such as paintings of Van Gogh and Rembrandt is displayed inside the building for you to enjoy.

The Broad

The Broad has been making noise since its reopening. The museum is filled with great installations of famous artists around the world. In addition to the opportunity of seeing the works of artists like Julie Mehretu, Roy Lichtenstein, Christopher Wool, El Anatsui, Keith Haring, Jenny Holzer, Kara Walker, and Andy Warhol; you can also take a look at 13 paintings of JEan-Michel Basquiat. Lastly, make sure to check out the Infinity Mirror Rooms created by Yayoi Kusama. Keep in mind that this place is free to visit with reservations.

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