Best Los Angeles Hikes When You Are High

Smoking weed indoors can get boring at some point as well as becomes unhealthy for you. Get off the couch sometimes and reconnect with nature after you smoke weed. You may be new to hiking high and don’t know where to start, or a veteran hiker who is looking for new trails. We covered some of the best hiking trails in LA for “high hikes”. Take look and choose your next route.

Best Parks in LA for a high walk

Will Rogers State Park

WRS Park route offers some spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean, the LA Basin, and the Santa Monica Mountains. After the hike, stroll around the park and enjoy a joint on the massive lawn in front of the house. There are much more gems of Santa Monica waiting to be explored. From the Museum of Flying to a 1920s-era speakeasy.

Franklin Canyon Park

the park is located near Benedict Canyon at the center of Los Angeles. Franklin Canyon Park features over five miles of hiking trails in its 605 acres of land. The park’s history goes back to 1914. The easy stroll around the reservoir offers plentiful views of birds and wildlife. You can access other, more difficult trails such as the Hastain Trail if you are looking for a challenge.

LA Mountain trails for weed hikes

Mount Baldy

Mount Baldy is the highest point in LA County and it is the best option for hikers who wants to challenge themselves. At 10,068 feet, Mount Baldy is the highest peak in the San Gabriel Mountains. The hike itself is about 6.5 miles long and climbs 2,300 feet, but you can also cut off 4 miles by taking a chair lift. Even if you don’t take it up you’ll probably want to take the lift down, unless you’re feeling particularly ambitious. The mountain gets its name from the absence of trees at the top and the climb can be challenging but smoking a joint at the top is priceless.

Castle Peak

Castle Peak is easy to find at the north of Calabasas. This land is used to be a sacred place for the Chumash Native Americans. Inside Castle Rock, you’ll find yourself in an upward-facing cave with crags and crevices perfect for gripping as you scale the interior. Even before you’re at the top, though, you’ll get great views of the rollings hills of the San Fernando Valley. Note that this trail is for a relatively confident climber, so get ready to put in the effort to get to the top and enjoy your weed.


Other routes for hiking high in LA

Bridge to Nowhere

The Bridge to Nowhere should be on your “high hikes” list. This 10-mile trail follows and crosses the East Fork of the San Gabriel River deep into the mountains, where engineers tried to cut a road in the 1930s. The great flood of ’38 washed most of the road away, except for a 120-foot concrete arch bridge that still stands. This flat hike is great if you just want to have a long chill walk when you are high

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Kenneth Kahn Community Loop Trail

This park is pretty underrated and not under most people’s radars. The little thing people did know is that Kenneth Kahn Community Loop Trail is one of the largest open spaces in Los Angeles. Featuring strands of dense wood, huge open meadows, and some fascinating traces of LA history. this park is also a good destination to get beautiful pictures of a gorgeous landscape. The view stretches from the Pacific Ocean past Hollywood and downtown Los Angeles with the San Gabriel Mountains in the background, a sight worth lighting one up.

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