Animal Face Strain Review & Information

What is Animal Face?

Need to feel focused and relaxed? Animal Face will help you with that. It will calm your mind and relax your body so you can experience pure pleasure. Animal Face is a potent strain, smelling of a smooth sweet mint cookie and upon a deeper inhalation you will find whispers of nuts and pine. 

Is Animal Face Indica or Sativa?

Animal Face properties are rare. This strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid, with an interesting cross between Face Off OG and Animal Mints parents. With 80% sativa and 20% indica, it provides a totally mind and body numbing experience. 

Animal Face Strain Effects

How strong is Animal Face? Kushfly offers Animal Face THC level at a strikingly high 25.8%. Cerebral effects are hard-hitting and fast, filling your mind with an instant uplift for a full body high. You’ll feel a showering tingle sensation from head to toe, wiping out your worries and chronic pain. It’ll ease up your arthritis, spasms, and cramps so you can finally relax and move freely. The strain Animal Face will also help with stirring up an appetite while saying good-bye to nausea.

Animal Face Strain Flavors

Lovely Animal Face strain flavors taste of sugar coated nuts, pine, and diesel. In the exhale, you’ll discover a taste of sweet mint and grassy earth. This strain is hard to find and will leave you wanting more, when you come across it be sure to enjoy it and stock up while you can.

Animal Face Strain Smell

Animal Face strain smells of sweet mint and tastes equally as fresh. It has the perfect combination of earthy and sweet. Upon a deeper inhalation, you will find hints of sugar coated nuts, pine, and diesel. 

Animal Face Strain Growing Information

Animal Face seeds can be planted indoors or outdoors with a mid-September flowering. It’s buds have thick deep green nugs with dark ginger hairs and a coati

ng of bright fiery trichomes. Animal Face strain flowering time takes about 9-11 weeks and can expect to be about 5ft tall. 

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