Amnesia Mac Ganja Strain Information & Reviews

Are you looking to forget the day’s troubles? If your answer’s yes, add Amnesia Mac ganja strain to your next Kushfly delivery. Also known as Medical AMG or AMG, the rare sativa-dominant hybrid won’t sink you into the couch but will take your head to a whole new level. Whether you’re new to cannabis or an experienced user, hit the potent flowers slowly, each bud packs an average of 30% THC. 

A Family Tree to Remember

The strain gets her kick from her lineage, beginning with the crossbreed’s parents, Amnesia and Mexican Haze. Amnesia brings its own impressive parentage to the mix with a triple cross between Cinderella 99, Jack Herer, and Skunk. Mexican Haze also has an exciting history. If you can find it, Mexican Haze is an old-school strain that mixes the Mexican landrace with an unknown Haze. 

Appearance, Taste, & Aroma

Amnesia Mac Ganja flowers have a beautiful blue-green hue, long and skinny amber pistils that are nearly clear, and a sparkling coating of white crystalline trichomes. AMG offers a delicious, sweet herbal tea flavor with a spicy aftertaste when you exhale. In addition to the invigorating taste, the long tapered buds are dense and come complete with a deep earthly and spicy aroma from her Mexican roots. 

Why Buy the Amnesia Mac Ganja Strain?

The super-potent flowers provide a full head-to-toe buzz without the sleepiness typical of an indica. Instead, expect an uplifting cerebral high that leaves your mind open and your body still working. You’ll feel the head change after your first exhale. By the time you count to three, you’ll forget why you were counting and focus on the complete euphoria the Amnesia Mac Ganga strain provides. Don’t worry. Your mind won’t wander too far. Instead, you’ll be filled with creativity. Within minutes of puffing on AMG, any trace of stress or a bad day will melt away. 

Medical patients love the beautiful and effective flowers, too. Consumers pick the potent bud to relieve chronic pain, including muscle spasms and nerve pain, without the sleepiness that’s common with indica-dominant strains. In addition to pain relief, many reviews exclaim AMG is helpful for migraines, nausea, improving appetite, and boosting mood. 

Amnesia Mac Ganja Strain: Choose a Winner

Add an award-winning flower to your delivery this week. The popular cannabis strain boasts several trophies, including the 2014 and 2015 High-Life Cannabis Cups. Also, the rare flower won first place at the 2017 Semana y Copa Cannabica for best sativa. In addition, it won two other awards the same year, Best bud overall at the II Castello Cannabis Cup and second place in the San Canuto Cup on Fuerteventura Island. 

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Additionally, make sure to add a cart for your vape pen or concentrates to your order!

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