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Amid Pandemic, More People Are Replacing Alcohol With Weed


It should come as no surprise that alcohol sales have risen during the pandemic. Since many people are feeling stressed out, anxious, and bored, drinking alcohol is a common way to let loose and unwind. However, you might be surprised to learn that these days more people are replacing alcohol with weed.

How many people have replaced alcohol with weed?

Nearly 50 percent of cannabis consumers age 21 and older have replaced or cut back on alcohol consumption and replaced it with cannabis since the coronavirus pandemic began. These results are according to The Harris Poll which was conducted by CuraLeaf. The poll surveyed almost 2,000 adults age 21 and over. The participants were asked about their alcohol and cannabis consumption since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.. Out of those who claimed they had never tried cannabis, 42% said they have started to use it. 45% said they have replaced or reduced their alcohol consumption with cannabis.

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Who was involved in the study?

A total of 1,895 people age 21 and older participated in the study between October 8 and October 12, 2020. Out of the total number, 772 individuals said they have never tried cannabis. Regardless of education level or marital status, the study found similarities in cannabis consumption among the participants.

Why are people turning to weed?

54% of individuals who participated in the study said the reason they’ve started to consume more cannabis is to reduce anxiety and stress levels caused by the pandemic. 50% stated they did so because it helps them relax. 48% said the reason was because weed helps them sleep. Out of the 1,895 participants, 33% said they prefer marijuana over alcohol.



More parents have turned to cannabis

An interesting fact that the study found was that parents are turning to cannabis more than people who don’t have children. In fact, 52% of the participants who had never tried cannabis and had children under 18, stated that they have started to use cannabis or increased their usage since the pandemic began. Only 33% of participants without children under age 18 said the same. 57% of parents who had never consumed marijuana said that they replaced or reduced their alcohol consumption with cannabis.





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