Americans Google CBD More Than Acupuncture, Exercise, And Veganism

Americans Are Googling CBD More Than Acupuncture, Exercise, And Veganism

People are growing more interested in CBD day by day. Now, new studies have shown that curiosity is more popular than other health trends such as exercise, acupuncture, apple cider vinegar, and veganism.

You might be surprised to learn that CBD, the non intoxicating cannabis compound, has grown in popularity so much, that people Google CBD almost as much as they do for yoga and e-cigarettes.

Searches for CBD spiked in 2014, and have continually grown year after year. Searches increased 126 percent in 2017 compared the previous year, were 160 percent higher in 2018 versus 2017 and they’re expected to rise again by 117 percent this year over 2018’s figures.

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Americans searched for the compound, which was federally legalized in December so long as it’s derived from hemp, about 6.4 million times in April 2019 alone. People in Vermont, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Colorado, New Hampshire and Oregon have searched for CBD the most this year.

The rise in searches of CBD seems to go hand in hand with an increase usage of it. As of now, CBD products can be found in CVS, Wallgreens, Amazon, and even gas stations.

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