Agua De Flor Mango Flavored Water Review

Agua De Flor Mango Flavored Water Review

Agua de Flor is a company that produces delicious cannabis infused agua-fresca inspired drinks. These potent drinks contain 110mg THC and come in a few delicious flavors. In Mexico, ‘agua frescas’ are a refreshing drink that literally translates to ‘fresh waters.’ These drinks were popularized by the Aztecs in the early 15th century and made with crushed fruit and water. As you can see, they have drastically changed in the following years!

Agua De Flor Mango Flavored Water Review
Agua De Flor Mango Flavored Water is the perfect refreshing drink.

Agua De Flor Mango Flavored Water Review

I don’t usually eat edibles, but the Agua de Flor drinks sounded so good that I had to order the Agua De Flor Mango Flavored Water from Kushfly. I had tried a few drinks from other companies previously but I wasn’t impressed with the flavor.

I thought that 110mg in a 16oz drink sounded like a solid serving, and I was expecting to get pretty high. I shook the plastic bottle and shook it hard so that the THC powder settled at the bottom could be evenly distributed through out the beverage.

Agua De Flor Mango Flavored Water Overview

  • 110mg THC

  • Infused With Real Mango

  • 16 Fluid oz

  • $20 From Kushfly

The dosing instructions say to drink half (8oz) and wait 1 hour before consuming more, as to let the high really settle in the body. I have a high THC tolerance since I smoke a lot, but it’s different when it comes to edibles. Even the biggest of pot heads are no match for potent edibles. So, I followed the recommended instructions for dosing since I didn’t want to get completely off my head.

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What does Agua De Flor Mango Flavored Water taste like?

Let’s talk about flavor. I loved that the mango actually tastes like real mango. I hate when drinks just have flavoring in them, but this actually has real mango and tastes like it too. There was a slight weed aftertaste, which is to be expected from drinking a cannabis infused beverage. It was not enough to ruin the mango flavor though.

Agua De Flor Mango Flavored Water Review

What are the effects?

Within 40 minutes, I could feel the effects of the THC. They came on strong, and I felt a strong body and head buzz that I haven’t felt with flower or vapes. I wasn’t totally glued to the couch, but I was relatively close. Safe to say, I was really stoned.

For the rest of the day, I lounged around and did some light cleaning, played with my cats, and did some work. I’m a freelance designer and this really got the creative juices flowing later into the high. I drank it early afternoon and I could still feel a bit of the high around 8-9pm.

I was impressed with the Agua De Flor Mango Flavored Water. I liked the mango taste and relaxing effects of this drink. I would like to try the other flavors and will be keeping an eye out for when Kushfly gets them in stock.

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