8 Delightful Bike Rides In Los Angeles

8 Delightful Bike Rides In Los Angeles - Santa monica

Los Angeles is gradually becoming more bicycle-friendly, while the rocky terrain around the city offers infinite mountain riding chances, the paved walkways and designated trails that hug the shore and tour L.A.’s best parks may be found somewhere in the center as well. So put on your helmet, pack a few snacks – preferably a THC Edible – and get ready to paddle down.

Griffith Park Loops

As you walk through Griffith Park’s combination of native chaparral and groomed trails, it’s easy to forget you’re still in Los Angeles. Where else in the city could you come across canyons, caves, and coyotes? Bicycling is by far the most effective way to cover the park’s 4,310 acres of wilderness. For a level ride, stick to the perimeter and the L.A. River Bike Path, take a diversion onto Crystal Springs Drive for a little elevation variation or put your stamina to the test with a hard climb up Mt. Hollywood Drive. This could also be a great date idea. Bring some (top-shelf products) with you to impress your date even more.

Arroyo Seco Bike Path

This one, out of all the paved bike lanes over concrete river channels might have the most diverse perspectives. Along Mosher Avenue, just before Avenue 43, you’ll find a parking area and the southern entrance; continue north on the walk and you’ll be hugging the hillsides of Ernest E. Debs Regional Park, with the grand San Gabriel Mountains visible in the distance. The dedicated road begins near the intersection of York Boulevard and Pasadena Avenue, but if you’re willing to ride through some residential neighborhoods, you can ride up to the Rose Bowl, where you’ll discover a loop of protected lanes. Reward yourself with Pancakes strain after you finish this path.

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Shoreline Pedestrian Bike Path

This paved road begins at Shoreline Village in Long Beach and runs along the city’s sandy coast, passing the Long Beach Museum of Art, Belmont Brewing, and Rosie’s Dog Beach. The dedicated road finally comes to an end near Bay Shore Avenue, but continuing north on that street will lead you to the entrance to the magnificent Naples canals. Cereal Milk would be a great choice to celebrate after you finish the path.

Chandler Bikeway

Tearing up railroad tracks is usually a symbol of the car’s continuous supremacy, but the Chandler Bikeway is an exception to the rule. Chandler Boulevard in Burbank was originally transformed into a paved bikeway and sidewalk in 2004, spanning from Mariposa Street to the North Hollywood Metro stop. The occasional sculpture or piece of street art brightens the scene, but the path’s view of the Verdugo Mountains is the true appeal. Light a Jack Herer and enjoy the view.

L.A River Bikeway

Along the 51 miles of the Los Angeles River, you’ll find a variety of disconnected paved trails, some longer than others. Though there are bike pathways everywhere from Canoga Park to the Port of Los Angeles, the Glendale Narrows/Elysian Valley Bicycle Path, which runs through the increasing cafe and restaurant-filled Frogtown, has the most bike-centric activity. It stretches from Victory Boulevard and Riverside Drive to Egret Park in Elysian Valley, featuring notable entry locations such as Lewis MacAdams Riverfront Park and Rattlesnake Park. since your lungs will be tired, you would better go with Whiz Edibles Dark Chocolate Bar after this ride.

Ballona Creek Bike Path

This seven-mile stretch of Ballona Creek walkway begins just a few blocks from the Culver City Expo Line and runs all the way to the Pacific Ocean. Take a leisurely ride along the entire trail or join it at one of the dozen controlled entries along the way. In the winter, keep an eye on the weather; the path can quickly become flooded and closed after heavy rains. This path is also great for hiking if you are into it.

Marvin Braude Bike Trail

This popular 22-mile bike trail stretches nearly the whole length of Los Angeles’ westward-facing shoreline. The trail begins at Will Rogers State Beach and makes its way down to Torrance County Beach, passing by enticing real estate in Santa Monica, Venice, and Manhattan Beach. Although you will have to share some of the trails with people, the vast majority of the path is bike-only. Just a heads up: after passing through Venice, the concrete path swings into Washington Boulevard to navigate around Marina del Rey; the rest of the trip brings you back down to the Palos Verdes Peninsula on the beach.

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Elysian Park

Aside from being only 10 minutes from downtown Los Angeles, this park is often overlooked and underutilized. Even on weekends, finding a peaceful area in the park is simple. You’re riding on smooth, gripping asphalt that was repaved a few years ago. It’s L.A.’s oldest park, with a plethora of transplanted tree species and great views of downtown, but it’s not the best spot to go if you haven’t ridden a bike in years. Your legs will sore after this ride, so reward yourself with Gas Mask before you sleep.

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