5 Underrated Cannabis Products That Will Amaze You

GG#4, Girl Scout Cookies, Select CBD… if you like marijuana, these are all names you’ve probably heard before. But like most things in life, people tend to all follow the bandwagon and only use cannabis strains or brands that they’ve heard of before. Well, we’re here to tell you that there are tons of new and exciting cannabis products out there that will amaze you and make you think twice before buying the same vape pen again.

Tigers Milk Strain

Tigers Milk comes on strong with an intense cerebral euphoria. This hybrid eventually calms down into a restful relaxation and calm euphoria. Enjoy a sweet cookie aroma and shiny buds with brown trichomes. THC: 27.8%

Leo Cor Simple Syrup

Leo Cor combines U.S.-grown industrial hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) extract with fresh all-natural ingredients to deliver a delightfully health-boosting experience. Leo Core uses the highest quality of pristinely extracted, lab-tested, flavorless CBD isolate with cane sugar to formulate a vegan, gluten-free simple syrup.

The lab-tested formula easily blends in to sweeten your favorite food or beverage while enhancing with the wide range of wellness benefits that CBD has to offer. Whether it has been a long day or it is going to be a long night, elevate your being with a dose of Leo Cor.

Whiz Edibles

Whiz Edibles is a trusted edible company based out of California. The team at Whiz works hard and passionately to bring you the best tasting gourmet cannabis edibles on the market today. Each batch is handcrafted to ensure top quality flavor and unrivaled potency. Family owned and operated, Whiz Edibles started off making chocolates and has quickly expanded to incorporate brownies, cookies, and fruit gummies into their vast menu.

Ace Of Spades Premium Cartridges

Reward yourself with the best oil Ace of Spades has to offer. These 1g hand crafted cartridges are filled with all natural, lab tested oil. This cartridge is the perfect summer 2020 accessory. It’s compact and portable model makes it easy to bring along to any social event, picnic, or beach day!

LA Weeds Exotic Mix Preroll

This hybrid preroll combines our most exotic strains into one convenient joint! Enjoy the relaxing effects and uplifting mental stimulation that this preroll delivers. THC: 27%

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5 Underrated Cannabis Products That Will Amaze You

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