5 Strains For Father’s Day 2022

Finding a present for your father, stepfather, grandfather, father-in-law, father figure, or partner for Father’s Day should be easy; especially if your goal is to help them relax and unwind. A gift you can use together is the best gift of all right? If you are looking for something you can do to relax together or even give your best guy the ideal alone time, here are the top 5 strains that are perfect for Father’s Day.


AMG (Amnesia Mac Ganja) 

Does dad deal with brain fog? We all do from time to time, but sometimes it would be nice if we could experience a period of  elevated focus, especially if we have an event to look forward to. With 80% sativa and 20% indica, AMG is a flower that has an enjoyable aroma of fresh fruit and spice. At 30.18% THC, AMG also quickly works to alleviate feelings of depression and encourages a breakthrough of creativity and hours of motivation. The first inhale brings immediate effects, offering a gratifying high with both mental clarity and sharp focus. If you are looking for top quality AMG with a sinfully strong sativa strain that provides a vitalized cerebral buzz, Los Exotics offers the premium option

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Super Runtz

Super Runtz is a well-balanced hybrid strain with a staggering 30.30 percent THC concentration. It has a very scrumptious fruity flavor with tropical citrus and tart berries abounding. When the sticky little nugs are broken apart and burned, the aroma is similar, but with a stinging fiery pineapple flavor that intensifies. The Super Runtz high bursts forth a few minutes after your final toke, first hitting your head with a calming lift and then spreading its tingly tendrils throughout the rest of your body. As the Runtz high progresses, a deeply calming effect will spread throughout your limbs, leaving you entirely sluggish and immovable for hours. Give this strain to your father and watch him have the best rest of his life.

Afghan Kush

Afghan Kush, sometimes known as “Afghan OG,” is a famous strain from the Hindu Kush mountain range. Afghan Kush is supposed to have a stronger physical effect on users than it does on their intellect, resulting in deep relaxation. Insomniacs typically utilize this as a nighttime medication due to the negative side effects. This medicinal strain can help with stress, anxiety, anorexia, sleeplessness, and chronic pain. Afghan Kush is a fantastic strain for first users because of its moderate THC concentration of 24.1 percent. It also has a pleasant THC content. Smoking Afghan Kush produces an overpoweringly sweet hash fragrance and flavor. It has a strong resemblance to it in terms of scent. If your father has little to no experience of smoking weed, Afghan Kush is the right bud for him.


Jealousy is a well-balanced hybrid strain created by crossing the delicious Gelato 41 with the Sherbet strains. Jealousy is a full-bodied hybrid strain with a well-balanced impact that will leave you feeling utterly relaxed for hours. A delightful sensation will flood your brain with heady exhilaration and a smidgeon of creativity, boosting you instantly. This is followed by an increase in motivation, which allows you to focus on whatever task you’re working on. This substantial uplift is accompanied by a relaxing body high that keeps you relaxed but not drowsy. Jealousy is a wonderful choice for treating depression, chronic stress, mood swings, chronic fatigue, nausea, and appetite loss in patients because of these qualities and its unusually high THC content of 30.3 percent. The flavor of this marijuana is incredibly sweet and creamy, with a sour citrus overtone that develops stronger with exhale. The aroma is very similar, with a tangy sour undertone heightened by fresh fruity and sour-sweet notes.


Thin Mint Smalls

Thin Mint is a phenotype. ‘Girl Scout Cookies.’ ‘Durban Poison’ and ‘OG Kush’ are both present in this hybrid strain. With a THC content of 23.5 percent, this is another indica-dominant strain. It got itself a third place in the ‘2014 Seattle Cannabis Cup.’ This plant’s buds are denser and appear in green color with streaks of purple. A thick covering of crystals covers the entire surface. The strain has a pleasant and minty aroma, which explains why it was given that name. The flavors of this strain are likewise minty and sweet, similar to the aromas. This strain, which inherited the powers of both indica and sativa strains from its forefathers, is able to give a full-body effect, earning it its legendary status. This strain is not recommended for beginners because it is known to cause increased psychoactivity. Thin Mint has been shown to help with pain, sleep difficulties, loss of appetite, nausea, and edema. Depression, stress, muscle spasms, and tremors can all be treated with this. Your father sure would love this classic.


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