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5 Cannabis Strains For Summer 2020

5 Cannabis Strains For Summer 2020

However you intend on spending your summer, there is a cannabis strain perfect for you. Some of us will shelter in place, some will flock to a local beach, and others will chill out with a few close friends. Although cannabis is extremely personal, there are some strains that are just perfect for everyone! Here are some flowers that just perfectly suit the summer heat. Check out these five cannabis strains for summer 2020!

Blue Lemonade

Blue Lemonade is the perfect strain for any occasion. This sativa flower delivers energizing effects and an uplifting mental buzz. A strain as delicious as it sounds, you can enjoy fresh flavors of sweet citrus when smoking Blue Lemonade. These frosty buds have a beautiful, slightly blue hue.

Pink Champagne

Bottoms up! Light up a joint of Pink Champagne and get ready for the ultimate uplifting high! This sweet hybrid has fruity flavors and a bubbly aftertaste that will leave you wanting more. If you’re looking for a strain to put you in a good mood, this is the one for you.

Jungle Cookies

Jungle Cookies is a relaxing hybrid strain that boasts sweet flavors. This flower is best reserved for use in the evening when you have nothing on your to-do list. Let the euphoric properties fully engulf your body and mind and drift off into a peaceful state of being.

Grape Punch

Grape Punch is a hybrid strain that truly delivers the best of both worlds. This flower lets you enjoy uplifting sativa effects, while at the same time allowing your body to be completely relaxed due to its indica components. Like its name suggests, this flower boasts a fruity grape flavor and aroma.

Banana Cream OG

If you’re looking for a strain that will totally relax you and melt away all your stress, Banana Cream OG is what you need! This euphoric hybrid strain is sweet, creamy, and burns smooth. With all the amazing qualities of Banana Cream OG, we think it will quickly become your new favorite hybrid.

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