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5 Best Cannabis Destinations for Spring

Las Vegas, Nevada: Nevada is one of the newest states to allow recreational marijuana use, and you can now purchase directly from a dispensary without the need for a medical marijuana card. Make sure you take cash though, because dispensaries don’t accept debit or credit cards since the plant is still federally illegal!Grab a blunt or three for a night on the strip you certainly won’t forget. And make sure you’re fully stocked with our assorted flavor pre-rolled cones before going!

Portland, Oregon:Oregon has some of the most beautiful landscapes in the United States, and luckily they’re also pretty inventive when it comes to cannabis use. Enjoy a “puff, pass & paint” art class or go on a Portlandia bus tour where you can smoke onboard (you might want to consider our personal air filter for this one). If you’re into hiking, grab a pre-roll from the nearest dispensary and enjoy an afternoon hike at Multnomah Falls.

Denver, Colorado: an oldie but goodie. What cannabis destination list would be complete without the birthplace of recreational marijuana legalization? Denver has come far since legalizing the drug for recreational use in 2012. Visit Bud & Breakfast, a groundbreaking cannabis-friendly lodge that offers a fully immersive weed retreat. You won’t find a wake + bake breakfast anywhere else!

Boston, Massachusetts: Boston just legalized recreational marijuana use this year and billboards are already popping up to promote dispensary companies, although the first aren’t expected to open until July 2018. Even so, you can now grab an edible and hit up a Red Sox game!

Anywhere in California: This list wouldn’t be complete without the first state to legalize medical marijuana use. Recreational use is now allowed as of January 1st, making California the perfect Cannabis destination for those looking to escape the winter cold. Pick up some of our Kushfly edibles or a 24K gold joint before hitting the beach to enjoy a stunning California sunset!

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