420-Friendly Dates for LA Stoners

Smoking weed by yourself is already a time spent well but sometimes you want to share the best weed in LA with someone else, and sometimes you want that person to be more special. Today we will be covering the alternatives of 420 friendly date ideas and if you don’t have anyone to take on a 420 friendly date, we can offer some solutions as well.

First, let’s find you a 420 friendly partner for a date

Finding a suitable partner can be hard since one of the criteria is being 420 friendly. Dating apps are old news and you cannot just swipe through only weed lovers on them, but have you ever heard 420 Friendly dating apps? Yes, they are real and one of the perks of the legalization of weed across LA and most of the country. You may try your luck on these apps to find yourself a partner who loves smoking weed as much as you do. If you don’t know any, here are some of the options.

420 Singles

This app’s interface is really close to Tinder. All you need is one photo, filling out the bio section is not mandatory but we recommend you to do so for a better chance of matching.

High There!

You may or may not like the pun in the name but we can say that this app has a really good user profile. There is a chance you may not find the right candidate for a date, but you can still meet some cool people to work with depending on the field you work in.

My 420 Mate

My 420 Mate cares about your choices which is a plus. You will be asked about your smoking and strain preferences as well as your smoking frequency. Don’t worry, the smoking frequency scale doesn’t have the option “none”. It starts from “rarely” and goes up to “24/7”. The app is created to show the best candidates for you, so fill out the required fields when you create your profile to find the perfect match.

Now that you managed to find yourself a 420 friendly date or you had it already, we can start with the date ideas.

Cannabis And Canvas

Starting off with an artsy option. Cannabis And Canvas is a 24/7 open 420 friendly art class facility located in LA. You can enjoy your weed while painting with your partner, which is a great way to know each other. It doesn’t have to be the first date either if you and your significant other likes painting and weed, this place is great for both of you.

420 dates

Hi & Dry Cocktails

Moving on to a night-time activity. Hi & Dry Cocktails is a great bar in LA with the freedom of smoking weed. If you and your date like to have delicious cocktails with your joints, make sure to stop by this place.

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Cannabis Café 

Cannabis Café is a really fancy coffee shop loved by LA stoners. It is located in the center of West Hollywood. The interior design is remarkably cool and the place offers an amazing menu for you to indulge. Given its popularity, make sure to have a reservation before going or you might embarrass yourself in front of your date, whilst looking for another place like it nervously.

Griffith Observatory

If you looking for a great view to smoke weed, Griffith Observatory is the best place. It can offer both indoor and outdoor activities for your date. Enjoy the panoramic view of LA while enjoying your favorite strain with your partner and make the day unforgettable.

Speed Zone LA

Speed Zone LA is a 420 friendly amusement park located in Castleton street. The park offers tons of activities from go-karting to minigolf, arcade games to bowling, and many more. This place is perfect if you and your date want some friendly competition to spice up the time. You can also stop by the bar and enjoy some drinks or have delicious slices in the Pizza Cafe.

Smorgasburg food festival

Smorgasburg is the LA version of the famous food festival in Brooklyn. It is a good 420 friendly option since you and your partner will have the munchies after a while. The Festival offers amazing food and drink vendors next to some entertaining and art-related activities. If you can’t decide where to go to eat, just take your date to the Smorgasburg and try every food that is being available at the weekly festival.

Stoner Park And Recreation Center

The name of this place just calls you for a date, doesn’t it? But no, the name of this PArk is just a coincidence but you can still smoke weed while enjoying the landscape and having a good time with your date.

Venice Boardwalk

Our last option on the list is a classic LA activity. If you find the right person, you don’t need fancy places. Just take your date to Venice Beach have some sativa strain from our collection and dive into deep conversations while walking around without a purpose.

You got your weed, a date, and a lot of options to consider. Make sure to get the best out of them.

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420-Friendly Dates for LA Stoners

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