2022 Cannabis Science Conference West

The Cannabis Scientific Conference is the largest and fastest-growing cannabis science conference in the world. Analytical science, medical cannabis, agriculture science, hemp/CBD science, and psychedelic science are all topics covered at our conferences. They bring together specialists in the cannabis sector, instrument manufacturers, testing labs, producers, research scientists, medical professionals, policymakers, and curious newcomers. Our semi-annual gathering aims to advance cannabis research. You should Join infor an interesting conference with keynotes, presentations, round table discussions, and exhibitors in Long Beach, CA

What can you learn at the Conference?

You can have more information on how to compliantly build and scale a medical cannabis cultivation facility, utilizing research and standardized practices to create an Impactful company that renders safe products for medical consumption.

Analysis of state cannabis regulations will also be one of the important subjects at the conference. Compliance may not always come easily for single-state and multi-state enterprises alike due to a jumble of requirements. This presentation examines the gaps in current state cannabis policies, as well as prospective future cannabis and hemp regulations. It will also be covered how to implement best practices that are compliant with state and federal rules and regulations, as well as how to build a record-keeping strategy that meets regulator criteria.

Wanna know more about microdosing? is a large-scale, continuing observational research of psychedelic microdosing that has enrolled over 10,000 people so far. In three parts, this presentation summarizes the results of the study. First, they’ll go over the findings from our team’s newly accepted paper in “Nature: Scientific Reports.” The preliminary results of the second round of data analysis are then given. Finally, the session will finish with a discussion of exciting future research avenues for psychedelic microdosing studies.

The conference doesn’t stop at cannabis, commercialization of psychedelics will be on the table as well with many other interesting workshops and presentations.

Date: Between May 18 and May 20, 2022.

You can buy tickets from the official website and be part of this important event.

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