THC-P: Everything You Need To Know About THC-P

You already know Kushfly has started to ship THC-/O/V/P products. Last time we evaluate the THC-O variant and today we will have to look at another strong hemp-derived cannabinoid THC-P. What is THC-P? 9-Tetrahydrocannabiphorol (THC-P) is a naturally occurring analog of THC that was recently found. The inclusion of two extra carbons in the molecular […]

Clash of Buds: Orange Creme Future Infused Flower 1g vs Bubblegum Future Infused Flower 1g

In this episode of Clash of Buds, we will compare 2 flowers in advanced their advanced forms. Our contestants are Orange Creme strain and Bubblegum strain, but this time they are in front of us in their infused flower forms. You may ask, what is an infused flower?  Top-shelf king nugs are delicately bathed in […]

THC-O Acetate: Everything You Need To Know About THC-O

Plant lovers have been dying to go beyond CBD since hemp became federally legal. Cannabis includes hundreds of distinct cannabinoids with various functions and effects. Why limit yourself to CBD when US law declares hemp, its extracts, and derivatives to be legal? Furthermore, once CBD swiftly flooded the market and lost its value, many entrepreneurs […]