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Cannabinoid-1 Receptor | CB1 Definition

You may have heard the term CB1 thrown around before in the cannabis industry. But what exactly is CB1 and what does it mean for cannabis users? This short guide will answer your most frequently asked questions about CB1, so you can be informed the next time you come across this mystery marijuana terminology.  What […]

Cannabis Clones

  What Are Weed Clones? Weed clones are a genetic copy of a female cannabis plant. Growers prefer to raise cannabis clones in lieu of seeds as they’d rather make a copy of what already works. If growers use seeds, they risk getting a male plant with substandard features. Why risk a low yield when […]

What Is an Ash Catcher?

What Is an Ash Catcher? An ash catcher is a bong adapter. It filters smoke and reduces tar entering the water pipe’s main chamber. To accommodate an array of bongs, ash catchers come in several  sizes and styles. Keeping both your bong and smoke clean, ash catchers allow you to spend more time enjoying your […]

Can You Overdose on CBD?

Can You Take Too Much CBD? Even though CBD is non-toxic, consuming too much of any product is likely to have consequences. When it comes to CBD, there are several views on the subject. If you are wondering if you can actually overdose on CBD, the answer is very complex. Simply put yes you could, […]

How To Perfectly Light Your Joint

We have all been there. You’re done rolling your joint, you light up, and then it happens. The frustrating moment when your joint makes an unexpected asymmetrical burn. You know what happens next. Your joint opens up on the side and exposes your hard-earned flowers resulting in a waste of time and money. Today, we […]

Gelato Cake Strain Review & Information

What is Gelato Cake? Gelato Cake is a deeply relaxing strain, reserved for experienced users. Known for its potency and sweet flavor, Gelato Cake will at the same time: stimulate your appetite, relieve pain as well as stress, and cradle you to sleep. This profoundly sedating greenhouse grown strain will keep you calm all night […]

What are Beasters?

What Are Beasters? Beasters are essentially cannabis buds. These particular buds are flavorful, high-quality, and mildly potent. The term “beasters”  or “BC Bud” (British Columbia Bud) derives from a Canadian background. The origin story of beasters aren’t very consistent. Some say beasters were grown in Canada while others say they were trafficked to Canada. These […]

8 Stages of Being High: What You Need to Know

Different Levels of High Since every person has a unique endocannabinoid system, there is no single cannabis experience that will be exact from person to person. Many customers have asked us, “What gets you the most high?”. Depending on their personal biological makeup, tolerance, strain used, and method of consumption, each high is special and […]